Foto von Yu Jiao

M.Eng. Yu Jiao

Titel der Masterarbeit:

The effects of miniature vortex generator(s) on flow and heat transfer characteristics in turbulence boundary layer


heat transfer enhancement, turbulent flow control, numerical simulation

Aktuelles Forschungsprojekt:

fuel atomisation, two-phase flow, combustion

Wissenschaftlicher Betreuer:

Dr.-Ing. Steffen Schmidt

Author(s): He, Yi;Jiao, Dongsheng;Pei, Gang;Hu, Xiangyu;He, Liqun
Title: Experimental study on a three-dimensional pulsating heat pipe with tandem tapered nozzles
Journal title: Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science
Year: 2020
Volume: 119
Pages: 110201]]>