Process-state-based Energy Monitoring of Production Plants Using MES

Project Description

Energy optimization is increasingly important for companies of the production industry. In addition to legal requirements, financial aspects play a more and more important role during the operation of machines. Strict regulations concerning emissions as well as energy consumption in the production sector force companies to develop production processes of high quality, which are also highly energy efficient. One of the challenges for system operators as well as service and software providers is the lack of transparency of energetic relationships within individual machines as well as the entire production system.

Within this project, a scientific approach for the creation of mathematical cause and effect models between process and production parameters and the energy consumption is developed. Based on these cause and effect models, a concept for a user-specific visualization of the current energy states of a machine or system will be created. Using the embedded mathematical models, this visualization will reveal optimization potentials and propose recommended actions for energy-efficient operation, while maintaining a desired production throughput.