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Broccoli is an open source C++ header-only library for general robotics applications. The library includes tools and algorithms for the control of robots under hard real-time requirements. Broccoli is largely platform-independent - at the chair it is used on QNX Neutrino and LinuxRT.

The project has evolved from refactored code of the humanoid robot project and serves as a development basis for robotics research at the chair. Broccoli has a stable API and is licensed under the GPL v3 license.

GitLab Page:


AMfe is a finite element code written in Python that focuses on

  • modularity
  • extensibility
  • easy prototyping of new methods for research

It originates from the demand to make the assembly of the finite element routine easy accessible to the researcher to be able rapidly test new developed hyper-reduction methods. The code has grown over the past years and has gained a very flexible modular structure that enables researchers to rapidly test new methods for simulation of structures. Visit our repository at GitHub:


Basic features

  • Completely written in Python
  • Input: Gmsh and GiD
  • Output: Paraview HDF5, XDMF
  • Geometric Nonlinear total Lagrangian formulation
  • Nonlinear Constraints
  • Constraint formulations: Elimination (only fixed dirichlet), Lagrange Multiplier, Nullspace Elimination
  • Fixed direction Neumann conditions and forces that keep their orientation relative to the body
  • Hyperelastic and viscoelastic materials
  • HTML Documentation with Tutorials, Fundamentals, Examples and Reference Guide
  • Fortran routines to accelerate critical parts of the code
  • Parametric meshes (experimental)
  • Substructuring (experimental)

Model Reduction Features

  • Modal truncation
  • Modal and static modal derivatives
  • Krylov reduction
  • Energy Conserving Sampling and Weighting Hyperreduction (ECSW)
  • Polynomial Expansion (Hyperreduction)