Entry in doctoral candidate list

The entry in the doctoral candidate list represents the official start of your doctoral thesis. At the same time your membership in the TUM Graduate School begins.

The doctoral list of the TUM is divided into the doctoral candidate lists of the departments and other doctoral institutions. The list you can be entered in depends on the department/institution your supervisor is a member of.

Simultaneously you must also decide to become a member of a specific graduate center of the TUM Graduate School in order to be included in the doctoral list. Vast majority of the doctoral students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering are members of the Faculty Graduate Center for Mechanical Engineering.

You would like to do a doctorate at the Department of Mechanical Engineering? Then sign up for the information event "Start of your Doctorate"!

Entry Procedure

Find doctoral supervisor - see page How to become a PhD.

Find a mentor or you can take your time. If you have not yet decided in favor of a mentor, you can report it to us within 6 months of entry in the doctoral candidate list. In the menu item "Find a mentor" you will learn how this works.

Collect the following documents:

  1. Application for the acceptance as doctoral candidate, fill out this form on DocGS. (For detailed instructions, see the TUM Graduate School page);
  2. Completed and signed supervision agreement - do this with your supervisor;
  3. A certified copy of the university degree and certificate (for foreign masters degrees, please include Transcript of Records or Diploma Suppliment) or the translation of your university certificate by a sworn translator, if the university certificates are not issued in German or English;
  4. Identification document (copy of your passport/identity card with a blackened number);
  5. if done, an Expose to the dissertation topic;
  6. Abstract of your Master's thesis in German or English (if your Master's degree was acquired at a foreign university);
  7. Curriculum vitae with details of previous education - schools, studies, etc., (if your Master's degree was acquired at a foreign university).

Now you can submit all the required documents at the Faculty Graduate Center for Mechanical Engineering as part of the information event "Start of your Doctorate". We check your documents and will contact you if anything is missing or something is unclear.

After successful entry in the doctoral candidate list you will receive a confirmation e-mail from DocGS.

Finding a Mentor

The task of the mentor is to support you in your dissertation project and in general.

Formally, there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. The mentor should have at least a Doctor (PhD) title.
  2. The mentorship is recorded in the supervision agreement by the signature of the mentor.

Next to the two compulsory elements, however, the mentorship can be freely designed. So the mentor can take upon different roles for you. In addition to further professional support, you can strategically select your mentor for future career planning. A mentor can also advise you on interdisciplinary qualification and personality development and even become a confidante. Because of these diverse design options, we recommend that you think carefully about how the mentorship should be designed and who is suitable for it.

Therefore you have the possibility to choose and let us know who your mentor is within 6 months after entry in the doctoral candidate list.

Enrollment as a doctoral student

At the TUM a distinction is made between the entry in the doctoral list and the enrollment.

As soon as you have been entered in the doctoral candidate list, you can additionally voluntarily enroll as a doctoral student and thus benefit from student status perks. This is possible for max. 6 semesters.

Instructions for enrollment at TUM can be found on the TUM Graduate School website.

Important Documents

Application for the acceptance as doctoral candidate on the DocGS website

Supervision agreement for Members to the Faculty Graduate Center for Mechanical Engineering

Supplementary Supervision Agreement (for members of other Graduate Centers)

Template of Exposee as Word Document

Template of Exposee in LaTeX (Part B.1.4 -> ZL "Central Teaching Unit")

FAQ "Supervision Agreements"


INTERNAL doctoral candidates are scientific employees with a TUM employment contract (at least 25%), as well as scholarship holders with a permanent workstation at the TUM. EXTERNAL doctoral candidates are those with employment contracts of other employers, as well as scholarship holders without permanent workstation at the TUM and self financed candidates.


If the mentor is not yet known, enter "N.A." in the specified fields in DocGS, but in the supervision agreement leave the field blank.


You are employed by an institute at the department, then you cross only the first box in the supervision agreement point 3.3. b.


You are in an external doctorate, then please enter how the integration in the academic environment in the amount of 20% takes place and will look like in detail in the supervision agreement point 3.3. b.