Newsletter Decembre 2020

Application call for 2nd Summer School of the Graduate Center MS

Dear doctoral candidates,

we cordially invite you to the 2nd Summer School of the Graduate Center MSE in cooperation with Linde and the Carl-von-Linde Stiftung entitled “Applied Thermoynamics - a Powerful Enabler for Sustainable Gas Processing and Energy Solutions”.

With climate change becoming an increasing challenge, use of alternative sources of energy and adjustments in industrial processes are gaining substantial relevance. Approaches to limit and reduce CO2 emissions as well as to utilize CO2 as feedstock have hence shifted into our focus. The energy sector and industry globally intensify their strive for innovative approaches for sustainable and environmentally friendly energy generation and industrial processes. The upcoming Summer School 2021 presents approaches and methods how to convert sustainability into reality.

MSE is currently planning an in person event with implementation of a valid and sound hygiene concept in accordance with legal regulations, hoping that networking will be feasible.

The registration is binding, though a cancellation due to Corona restrictions or illness is assured.

  • When: July 19 - 23, 2021, 8:30am to 5:00pm
  • Where: TUM Quantum, Parkring 35, 85748 Garching Hochbrück near Munich
  • Language: English
  • Participation is free of charge for doctoral candidates
  • Please send your application including  your statement of purpose, degree certificate and a letter of recommendation to
  • Application deadline: February 19, 2021, notification date: March 26, 2021

Please find more information here:

Winter School Applied Thermodynamics 2021 Flyer

Winter School Applied Thermodynamics 2021 Poster

Winter School Applied Thermodynamics 2021 Tentative Schedule

MSE is looking forward to your applications.

Kind regards,

Newsletter November 2020

Top Supervisor at the Mechanical Engineering in 2020

Dear doctoral candidates,

at the beginning of this year, TUM doctoral students had the third opportunity to nominate their excellent supervisors for the Supervisory Award of the TUM Graduate Council. This award was launched in 2018 by the Graduate Council and is endowed with prize money of 5000 euros. In the current difficult teaching and research situation, good supervision is particularly important for doctoral candidates.

In order to honor our excellent supervisors in advance, a Supervisory Award Mechanical Engineering was presented again this year. An The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering also received a few new nominations.

We would like to extend a warm congratulations to Dr. Sebastian Rehfeldt on his first place. The first place is connected with a prize money of 250 euros for the further training of the doctoral candidates of the winner.


Results of the doctoral candidate representative election

Dear doctoral candidates,

the election of the doctoral candidate representatives was completed on October 18, 2020. We are happy to announce the results.

Marc Xia has received majority of votes and is you representative since October 27, 2019 and in the same time Alexander Gelner will take over the position of deputy doctoral representative.

We thank you for your activity and votes!


Newsletter October 2020

Extension of enrollment due to corona-related delays in the doctorate

Dear doctoral candidates,

we would like to provide you with the latest information about the extension of your enrollment possibility due to corona-related delays in the doctoral project in the summer semester 2020.

Doctoral students who were regularly enrolled in a lower semester in the summer semester 2020 have the opportunity to submit an application to extend their enrollment for a 7th semester towards the end of their 6th semester. The basis of the application is a significant and verifiable corona-related delay in the progress of the doctorate in the summer semester 2020 (i.e. only reasons for delays that fall in the period from 01.03.2020 - 30.09.2020 can be asserted).

Exapmles of good reasons include:

  • Laboratory work, sample collections, field research, etc. planned in the summer semester 2020, which are essential for the progress of the doctorate, were/are not possible due to corona-related travel restrictions.
  • Doctoral candidates could not come back to Germany for a longer period of time (usually at least 50%) in the summer semester 2020 due to travel restrictions and could not go to the TUM laboratories or other facilities that he/she needs for research.
  • The doctoral candidate was seriously ill due to contracting Corona viruss in the summer semester 2020 and struggled with health restrictions.
  • Additional workload for doctoral candidates in the summer semester 2020 through caring for relatives suffering from corona, homeschooling, childcare due to daycare closings or similar.
  • other possible restrictions.

Application process:

  • At the end of their 6th enrollment semester, doctoral candidates submit an application to the Graduate Center, including evidence and letter of support from the supervisor.
  • Graduate Center checkes the justification in relation to the general situation in the faculty specifics, subject specifics, etc.
  • If the application is approved: Graduate Center forwards the application documents to the TUM-GS office.
  • TUM-GS office examines the application taking into account the overall situation at TUM / comparability with other submitted applications.
  • If the application is approved, the office will issue a letter of confirmation.
  • Doctoral students submit this confirmation letter to TUM CST and apply for an extension of their enrollment there.

For further questions you should contact your Graduate Center.


Newsletter September 2020

Introduction of the candidates for the doctoral candidate election

Dear doctoral students,

this year we would like to offer you again a small introduction of the candidates for the election of doctoral representatives.

This year there are two candidates for election:

  • Who are the candidates?
  • What moves the them?
  • What goals do they want to achieve on your behalf?

This years candidates are Marc Xia and Alexander Gelner.

You can cast your vote from 05.10.-18.10.2020.

Please note: "According to the regulations of the Faculty Graduate Center of Mechanical Engineering § 7 Doctoral Student Representative Paragraph 1, Sentence 2 "All doctoral students who are members of the FGZ MW 35 days before the 1st election day are entitled to vote and eligible for election.


Newsletter August 2020

Search for candidates for the election of doctoral candidate representatives - use your voice!

Dear doctoral candidates,

do you want to make a difference at your university and stand up for the opinions and interests of the doctoral candidates? As a representative of doctoral students you have the chance to support your fellow dorctoral candidates at the Faculty Graduate Center Mechanical Engineering and the university!

The FGC ME is looking for doctoral candidates who are interested in the needs of their coworkers and who want to help designing the offer for doctoral candidates.

Would you like to become a representative for doctoral candidates for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and be active in the TUM Graduate Council?

Then please send your application to by September 18, 2020 with the keyword "Election of doctoral candidate representatives".

Please include in the application your motivation for representing the doctoral candidates of the faculty. Please also send us a photo of you and signed data protection declaration.

The election for doctoral candidates will take place in early October.

We look forward to your application!

Your FGZ MW & your dorctoral candidate representatives

Newsletter July 2020

Special PV and FR in September 2020 - new submission deadline for dissertations

Dear doctoral candidates,

we would like to inform you that there will be a special professor meeting (September 16, 2020) and faculty council meeting (September 23, 2020).

This means that there is also a new submission deadline for the dissertations at the Doctoral Office.

The submission deadline at the Doctoral Office is August 27th, 2020 in order to be registered for this special professorial assembly.


Newsletter June 2020

Extension of enrollment due to corona-related delays in the doctoral project

Dear doctorates,

due to the corona-related restrictions and possible delays in the progress of your doctoral project, enrollmend for another semester was made possible as an exception.

Doctoral candidates who would have been exmatriculated regularly at the end of summer term 2020 due to the maximum enrollment period of 6 semesters can apply for an extension of the enrollment for a 7th semester at the TUM Center for Study and Teaching (

The application  must state the reasons for the corona-related delays in your doctoral project.


Marianne-Plehn-Program, financial support for doctorate

Dear doctorates,

we would like to inform you about the new Marianne-Plehn-Program of the Studienstiftung.

As part of the Marianne-Plehn-Program, doctoral students who receive a scholarship from the Studienstiftung can apply for a quarter of TV-L E13 position. An application can be submitted at the same time or after an application for the doctoral scholarship from the Studienstiftung, but no later than the first 12 months after the start of the scholarship.

You can find more information on the website of the Studienstiftung at