Initiative Funds

Application for Initiative Funds

As a member of the Faculty Graduate Center Mechanical Engineering, you may apply for funding by the Graduate Center for any project, as long as it conforms with the Graduate Centerʼs aims. Funding may be provided to support an individual or to fund a project which will benefit a group of doctoral candidates.You can get funding up to 5,000 Euros.

For more information please contact us directly.


The following criteria speaks for funding:

  • Advancement of scientific exchange
  • Advancement of scientific quality and interdisciplinarity
  • Advancement of internationalization

The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to qualify for the funding:

  • The project is neither part of the core tasks at the institute (teaching, research activities) nor can it be covered as part of a third-party funded project.
  • No other funding is available.
  • Most of the participants are members at Faculty Graduate Center Mechanical Engineering.

The projects can benefit a group of doctoral students or an individual doctorate.

Doctoral candidates who have a contract as a research assistant at TUM (also during their time abroad) and who are members of the Faculty Graduate Center for Mechanical Engineering can apply for the initiative fund.

Doctoral students who are employed externally1, who receive a scholarship or who are self-financed are not eligible for funding. The TUM GS Internationalization Grant is available for this.

Please note the procedure for submitting an application:

Fill out the enclosed application and submit it to followind deadlines (31.3., 30.6., 30.9., 31.12.). Please note that approval must be given at least one month before the start of the planned project.


Examples of funded projects are: research stays abroad, conferences, networking activities, summer schools, ...

At the end the reimbursment you will be done via TUM travel cost center (Referat 34). After receiving the payment order processed by the travel cost center, please send us all applications and the original receipts and invoices. Payment is made to the applicant himself (not to the institute2).

1 Doctoral candidates who have a contract at TUM and are also employed externally (e.g. companies or industry) must submit a declaration from the employer that no financial support for the project is provided by the employer.

2 If the chair wants to pay the project costs in advance, we need a letter with the signature of the chair holder (professor), which confirms the correctness of such handling.