Proofreading Service

Service offered

The translation officeʼs technical proofreaders, who are native speakers of English and have specific knowledge of the disciplines concerned, are available to proofread English-language articles which are otherwise ready to print. The articles will be checked in particular for spelling, grammar, punctuation and the terms used. Re-proofreading of corrected articles is not possible.


  • Membership of the TUM Graduate School
  • The doctoral candidate has to be main or first author of the article
  • The article must be ready for publication, apart from language corrections
  • The article must be subsequently submitted at an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal or an international conference with published proceedings

Request procedure

  • Send the completed article (if possible, as a Word document, on account of the correction function) by e-mail to
  • Complete the request form and attach it to your e-mail
  • After your membership has been checked, the Faculty Graduate Center Mechanical Engineering will then be able to approve your request
  • After 3-6 working days (depending on the length of publication), the file will be returned to you with corrections and comments
  • You then have the possibility to evaluate the corrections directly or after the peer review

Language Coaching at the English Writing Center (Language Center)

In addition, it is also possible to have English-language documents checked for vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure by the Language Centerʼs English Writing Center. In a 45-minute session, a native-speaker coach will work through several pages of a document with you. The coach will also give you tips on the above-mentioned topics and make you aware of frequent mistakes. This free service, which is available for both research assistants and doctoral candidates, is not a proofreading service but is intended specifically as coaching with the aim of improving your writing style in the long term.

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