IT at the Department of Mechanical Engineering

The central IT Services Center will be able to support you in any questions relating to IT, which are not specifically related to an institute, i.e. services which are not provided directly at an institute level. In addition, the Center provides IT services for institutes and professorships that do not have their own IT personnel. The Center also administers cross-faculty software.

Detailed information and all current processes of the internal IT at the Department of Mechanical Engineering can be found in the Admin-Wiki for administrators, professors and interested persons.

Please contact for access.

Overview of IT services

This is a brief overview of IT services, platforms and contact information. The centralized services of the TUM's IT Services Center (ITSZ), the Leibniz Computer Processing Center (LRZ) and the central IT Services Center of the Department of Mechanical Engineering are at the disposal of staff members and system administrators.