Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Lienkamp
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Prof. Lienkamp (b 1967) is conducting research in the area of electromobility with the objective of developing new vehicle concepts. He is professor of the Institute of Automotive Technology at Technical University of Munich (TUM) and is involved in the CREATE project in Singapore. After studying mechanical engineering at TU Darmstadt and Cornell University, Prof. Lienkamp obtained his doctorate at TU Darmstadt (1995). He worked at Volkswagen as part of an international trainee program and took part in a joint venture between Ford and Volkswagen in Portugal. Returning to Germany, he led the brake testing department in the VW commercial vehicle development section in Wolfsburg. He later became head of the “Electronics and Vehicle” research department in Volkswagen AG’s Group Research division. His main priorities were advanced driver assistance systems and vehicle concepts for electromobility. Prof. Lienkamp is heading the Chair of Automotive Technology at TUM since November 2009.


1986 - 1987military service
1987 - 1990studies in mechanical engineering, TU Darmstadt
1990 - 1991master of mechanical engineering, Cornell University, USA
1991 - 1992diploma in mechanical engineering, TU Darmstadt
1992 - 1995PhD in materials science, TU Darmstadt


1995 - 1996international trainee programme, VW Kassel
1996 - 1998head of team Chassis and Variability Reduction Powertrain, AutoEuropa, Portugal
1998 - 2002department manager Brake Testing, Project Chassis VW Caddy, VW commercial vehicles
2002 - 2003department manager “Driving Dynamics and Comfort“, VW group research
projects: Ecoracer, automatic driving GTI
2003 - 2004department manager “Vehicle Dynamics“, VW group research
2004 - 2007department manager “Vehicle Research“, VW group research,
2008 - 2009

department manager “Electronics and Vehicle Research“, VW group research: 150 engineers, 20 PhD students, in charge of 40 Mio € research budget; vehicle research (chassis, body, concepts), driver information and assistance systems; published projects: automatic driving on highway, relaunched 1 litre car, vehicle concept for plug-in hybrid, electric cars (Nils, ET!)


since 2016Participation in the research project "Towards the Ultimate Public Transportsystem" in Singapore

since 2009

professor of Institute of Automotive Technology, TU München; Initiator of research vehicle project MUTE, Visio.M and EVA

2010 - 2015

Participation in the TUM CREATE project Singapore: Electromobility in Megacities; project electric taxi EVA;

2014Award of the Heinz Mayer-Leibnitz Medal

more than 200 publications, 3 books, 30 patent applications and patents

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