Would you like to join the Indy Autonomous Challenge Team of the Technical University of Munich with a student research project in the coming semester? The Chair of Automotive Technology and the Chair of Control Engineering at the Technical University of Munich are participating... [more]

The application phase for globalDrive 2020/2021 has started. Applications are possible until 14.08.2020. You can find more information about the project on our website. [more]

In the last three years, numerous algorithms and tools for autonomous driving have been developed in various research projects here at the FTM Institute. This software is then extended by special data sets. All this knowledge has been made available on Github Open Source and... [more]

Once again, the Institute of Automotive Engineering and the Chair of Automatic Control from TUM have joined forces to set up a research team of 13 PhD students in the field of autonomous motorsports. This team has successfully registered for the Indy Autonomous Challenge and will... [more]

In 2019, over one million SUVs were newly registered in Germany. No other car class sold better last year - and is so controversial. For some, SUVs are climate killers, suburban tanks or murderers, for others they are just normal, big cars. How good or bad is the SUV from a... [more]

As part of the Youtube in-house productions Youtube Originals, the eight-part documentary "The Age of A.I." has recently started on the channel Youtube Learning. This documentary series, hosted by Robert Downey Jr., is about the revolution in artificial intelligence, its latest... [more]

TUM is one of only a few teams to take part in the first race series for autonomous vehicles this year: Roborace Season Alpha. Since 2018, a team of seven PhD students from the Chair of Automotive Engineering and the Chair of Control Engineering has been developing an... [more]

Autonomous vehicles – whether for personal transport or freight delivery – could offer a potentially enormous disruption to life, business and society. But there are still a lot of open questions to solve, risky challenges to tackle and difficult decisions to be made. In the... [more]

In order to give a well-founded introduction to the field of artificial intelligence, we decided to create a new lecture called "Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Engineering". This course teaches the basics of AI and machine learning with reference to automotive engineering.... [more]

Autonomous driving will determine the future of our roads and therefore many universities and industrial companies are researching the development of autonomous driving functions. Simulation, in which different scenarios, sensors and driving functions can be tested, plays an... [more]