Lecture: Vehicle Dynamics of Passenger Cars (Modul MW0028, online)


Contact: dynamik_kfz@ftm.mw.tum.de

Available online

The lecture will be offered exclusively online as of summer term 2020.

For answering questions and further discussions a weekly online consultation hour will be offered (time and location will be announced via moodle).

Available online at: Moodle: Dynamik der Straßenfahrzeuge


Course language is German only.

The lecture offers an overview over methods for evaluating driving behavior and tuning, driving maneuvers, terminology, sensors, measuring equipment, data logging, testing environments, and documentation.

The theory of the bicycle model, definition of under-/oversteer, critical and characteristic behavior, self-steering behavior as well as test maneuvers, characteristic parameters and measurements to evaluate the stationary and instationary steering behavior are covered. Furthermore, the brake-steering behavior, the load-change reaction, the self-alignment of the steering, cross-wind behavior, directional stability, and the oscillation stability of trailers are discussed.

Properties and design of suspension systems (springs & dampers), steering systems, kinematics and compliance of chassis systems, semi-active and active suspension systems, and rear steering systems are part of the lecture as well.


Lecturer (assistant)
Duration3 SWS
TermSommersemester 2021
Language of instructionGerman
Position within curriculaSee TUMonline
DatesSee TUMonline


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Overview of methods for handling evaluation and chassis tuning, driving maneuvers, terminology, sensors, measuring devices, data recording, test conditions, documentation. Theory of linear single-track model, definition of understeer and oversteer, critical and characteristic speed, yaw rate response. Test methods, test conditions, characteristic variables and measurement results for the evaluation of steady and unsteady steering behavior, of steering-braking behavior, of load cycle reaction, of the steering returnability, of side wind behavior, of directional stability and of the oscillating stability of car-trailer combinations. Properties and technical design of wheel suspension, steering, springs and damper. Kinematics and elastokinematics of wheel suspensions, semi-active and active wheel suspension, rule of steer angles, rear wheel steering.



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