Tractors and Earth Moving Machinery (Lecture)


Tractors and Earth Moving Machinery

Lecturer (assistant)
  • Karl Theodor Renius
Duration2 SWS
TermWintersemester 2018/19
Language of instructionGerman
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The tractor is the most important farming machine. Many principles - especially concerning terramechanics - are valid for earth moving machinery too. The lecture delivers a general insight to the design of modern tractors and has an emphasis on practical examples. It gives information about the historical development of tractor construction and displays the machines functions and limitations of use. The tractor in total, as well as its components are treated. Economic issues are discussed; general principles of product planning and project management are illustrated by the example "tractor". The external and internal mechanics of the vehicle are explained. Transmission concepts (synchromesh gears, powershift transmissions and CVTs, state of the art designs) and their calculation (random load fatigue) are treated. The design of typical driveline components, aspects of man-machine (environmental factors, basics of industrial medicine, noise reduction) and the principles of (tractor-) hydraulics as well as methods of industrial testing are described and their application is shown by examples. A visit of a tractor company rounds up the lecture.



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