Forms of Cooperation

Do you have a technical production problem? We solve it!

Researchers at iwb are developing solution strategies for efficient production. The two professorships, the Chair of Management Sciences and Assembly Technology and the Chair of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Engineering, define the research content and thematic focus of the iwb: these are in the areas of production management and logistics, machine tools, assembly technology and robotics, laser technology, sustainable production and production engineering.

Bilateral industrial projects

Scientific and problem-oriented processing of questions: Short- to medium-term contract research with different variants depending on the contractual arrangements in order to distribute rights for the use of the solutions developed.

Publicly funded projects

Medium and long-term research projects in a network of research and industrial partners.

Industrial working groups

Bundling expertise: Long-term projects for joint solution development in a low-competitive field of activity.

Long-term "TUM-model"

Strong industrial orientation and direct involvement of a member of staff in the chair. The person employed at iwb has the opportunity to do a doctorate and has access to all available resources.