Equipment in the field of Additive Manufacturing

Systems for laser-based powder bed fusion:

  • EOS M400-1
  • EOSint M280
  • Trumpf TruPrint 2000 (multilaser system)
  • Realizer SLM 250 HL
  • LBM Testbed (self-made LPBF testbed for a detailed analysis of the melt pool)

Systems for binder jetting:

  • Testachse Voxeljet AG VTS 128

Systems for ink jet printing:

  • 3D Systems ProJet 3000

Systems for additive manufacturing of plastics:

  • Plastic laser sintering system EOS FORMIGA P 100
  • Fused filament fabrication system Ultimaker MakerBots (2x)
  • Fused filament fabrication system Creality3D Ender 3 (3x)
  • Fused filament fabrication system MakerBot (8x)

Systems for wire and arc additive manufacturing:

  • Welding system Fronius CMT-Advanced 4000
  • Welding system Fronius TPS 400i
  • Six-axis robot Kuka KR15/6 with control unit KRC
  • Six-axis robot Yaskawa Motoman MH24 with two-axis-positioner DK250 und control unit DX200
  • Mobile enclosure incl. suitable exhaust system

Systems for process monitoring:

  • High-speed camera Chronos 1.4
  • Infrared camera system Infratec ImageIR 8300
  • High-speed infrared camera system Flir x6901sc
  • 3D scanner Steinbichler COMET L3D (2M)

Systems for analytics and evaluations:

  • Confocal 3D laserscanning microscope VK-X1000
  • 3D profilometer VR-3000
  • Tensile testing machine Zwick Roell Z050
  • Microindentation hardness testing machine LECO LM 100AT
  • Macro Vickers hardness testing machine Wilson VH1150
  • Stereoscopic microscope Nikon SMZ1500
  • Reflected-light microscope Nikon MM40
  • Rheometer system Malvern Panalytical Kinexus Lab+
  • Materialography laboratory with Bühler equipment

Equipment at Battery Production

  • Mixing laboratory
    • Intensive mixer with agitator (up to 1.2 L), speed mixer (up to 1.2 L) and dissolver (up to 1.0 L)
    • Rheology measurement
    • Slurry characterization
  • Clean room ISO class 6 (100 m²) for electrode production
    • Coating system (web width up to 300 mm) with infrared drying and inline surface loading measurement
    • Calender with heatable rolls and a line load up to 1000 N/mm
  • Two drying rooms (100 m²) with a dew point of -60 °C for cell assembly
    • Complete process chain for the production of hardcase and pouch cells
    • Fully automated stack building and laser-based electrode separation
    • Manual punching and stacking system for individual cell designs
    • Laser welding of hard cases (4 kW)
    • Electrolyte filling inert and at low pressure
    • Large number of test channels (up to 200 A)