Peter Munch, M.Sc.


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Research interests


Articles in peer-reviewed international journals

  • P. Munch, K. Kormann, M. Kronbichler, An efficient, matrix-free finite-element library for high-dimensional partial differential equations, submitted, PDF
  • N. Fehn, P. Munch, W. A. Wall, M. Kronbichler, Hybrid multigrid methods for high-order discontinuous Galerkin discretizations, submitted, PDF
  • M. Kronbichler, K. Kormann, N. Fehn, P. Munch, J. Witte, A Hermite-like basis for faster matrix-free evaluation of interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin operators, submitted. PDF

International conference contributions with abstract

  • P. Munch, N. Fehn, W. A. Wall, M. Kronbichler, SIMD vectorization for high-order matrix-free finite element computations in CFD, SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE19), Spokane, Washington, USA, February 25 - March 1, 2019. Abstract

Presentations and invited talks

  • P. Munch, M. Allalen, M. Kronbichler , P. Ó Conbhuı́, P. Kanduri, deal.II on GPU, final presentation at EuroHack19, Lugano, Switzerland, September 29 - October 4, 2019. PDF 
  • P. Munch, M. Kronbichler, Efficient, large-scale simulations on complex geometries in deal.II using a hybrid multigrid solver and a fully distributed triangulation, 7th deal.II users and developers workshop, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, August 6 - 9, 2019. PDF

Supervised student projects

  • Efficient shock-capturing approaches for matrix-free high-order discontinuous Galerkin methods, Master's Thesis, David Schneider, in progress, in cooperation with Martin Kronbichler
  • Massively parallel PDE solutions: coupling the sparse-grid combination technique with an  efficient matrix-free finite element solver, Project (University of Stuttgart), Marius Goehring, in progress, in cooperation with Theresa Pollinger
  • An efficient hybrid multigrid solver for adaptive meshes, Master's Thesis (Computational Science and Engineering, Department of Informatics), Laura Prieto Saavedra, 2020, in cooperation with Martin Kronbichler
  • Cache-efficient enumeration of degrees of freedom for high-order FEM on modern CPU hardware, IDP (Interdisciplinary Project, Department of Informatics), Alex Roschlaub, 2019, in cooperation with Martin Kronbichler
  • High-order discontinuous Galerkin simulations of Joukowsky and NACA airfoils, Bachelor's Thesis, Elias Dejene, 2019
  • Implementation and validation of a quasistatic elasticity FEM-solver, Daniel Dengler
  • Performance analysis of high-order finite element algorithms, IDP (Interdisciplinary Project, Department of Informatics), Karlo Kraljic, 2019, in cooperation with Martin Kronbichler
  • Numerical investigations on the efficiency of an in-house high-order discontinuous Galerkin flow solver compared to OpenFOAM, Master's Thesis, Yingxian Wang, 2019, in cooperation with Niklas Fehn