Welcome at the Laboratory for Product Development and Lightweight Design

If you need academic supervision for a thesis project on a subject that you would like to define yourself or is provided by a company or startup, you can apply here. The only requirements are: The subject has to be related to engineering development, preferably to research... [more]

Since 2003, the Technical University of Munich, the Bundeswehr University, and the University of Applied Sciences in Munich have been inviting researchers and experts in the field of Lightweight Design to the Munich Symposium on Lightweight Design. The Symposium aims to bring... [more]

This is a collaborative innovation project with the Imperial College London and Royal College of Arts London. Apply now and take part in the Superform Competition and develop a new chair concept together with international students. Just take part or write your thesis in this... [more]

You want to join an interdisciplinary hands-on training to be „well prepared for the job market“? In this course you will work in small groups on your own structural element. First, you will calculate it and then manufacture, i.e. autoclaving it using materials such as carbon,... [more]