The LPLAcademy was founded in 2020 at the Laboratory for Product Development and Lightweight Design. The goal is to enable a practice and industry-oriented transfer of research results to engineering organizations of all sizes. 



The offer of the LPLAcademy is divided into three formats:


Training courses are held several times a year at the Laboratory for Product Development and Lightweight Design on selected topics. These are available for participants from all organizations - you can simply register for one of the dates below. The basics of the available topics will be taught in half-day or multi-day training sessions with many interactive modules.   


Seminars are held on request at your company, for your organization. Here we adapt our contents to your company-specific needs. You are also welcome to tell us a specific challenge from your company. In a workshop lasting half a day or several days, we will teach you the necessary basics of the respective topic and then deal with your situation as concretely as possible in exercises. 

Working Groups

Working groups take place annually at the Laboratory for Product Development and Lightweight Design. Interested company representatives come together for a one-day meeting. The research groups of the laboratory present their current research results. In addition, selected industry lectures are also held. The aim of the working groups is to provide an active opportunity to participate in the shaping of current research and to offer a contact possibility within a diverse industrial network. 


Currently the following topics are available: