DSM Conference 2020 as online only conference

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 issue the DSM 2020 will be held as an online only conference, hosted by MIT. Due to this decision, the DSM2020 Organizing Team (DOT) have made significant changes to this year’s conference.

The DSM2020  Organizing Team (DOT) would like to thank our local team in Montreal for their enormous support. Because of the changes this years conference will be hosted by MIT. However the 23rd DSM Conference 2021 will be held in cooperation with our co-host Polytechnique Montréal in Canada.



  1. On-line conference
  • Hosted by MIT using Zoom resources.
  • 3-days (October 13-15), averaging  4.5 hours per day.
  1. Agenda


Day 1 (October 13)

Day 2 (October 14)

Day 3 (October 15)

10:00am EST –

02:30pm EST

  • DSM Tutorial
  • Solution Space Engineering Tutorial
  • Keynote
  • Industrial Poster Discussion Session
  • Paper Sessions
  • Scientific Poster Discussion Session
  • Paper Sessions
  • Closing Session
  • Daily start at 10:00am Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • Daily ends at 2:30pm (EST)
  1. Attendee Fees
  • Regular:                $(US) 150
  • Design Society:    $(US) 130
  • Student:                $(US) 100

Due to the typical restrictions of virtual conferences, the DOT has selected the 4.5 hour/day design, while keeping the typical 15 min per presentation goal. This reduces the total quantity of presentations, and allows for a more organized Q&A in parallel virtual sessions.

The deadline for industry presentation abstracts is still August 24, 2020, though we will only be selecting a couple.

For more information and the most recent updates, please check our website: https://dsm-conference.org/