Munich Symposium on Lightweight Design @LPL

Since 2003, the Technical University of Munich, the Bundeswehr University, and the University of Applied Sciences in Munich have been inviting researchers and experts in the field of Lightweight Design to the Munich Symposium on Lightweight Design. The Symposium aims to bring experts from both academia and industry to discuss new developments, processes, and possible applications for pushing research in Lightweight Design.

The online symposium hosted by the Laboratory for Product Development and Lightweight Design took place on November the 17th. Several Ph.D. students and professionals from academia and industry presented their work on additive manufacturing for lightweight design, topology optimization, and how to convert a topology optimized structure to a proper CAD file. The articles will be published in the Proceedings of the Munich Symposium on Lightweight Design 2020 (Tagungsband zum M√ľnchner Leichtbauseminar 2020) as an online book by Springer. The agenda of the presented work and further information can be found here.