BikAble hybrid bike combines sports equipment and wheelchair

Researchers at the Department of Mechanical Engineering are developing a hybrid handbike designed to give people with walking disabilities more autonomy in sports.

Unlike classic bicycles, handbikes are propelled by the arms and are popular sports equipment for for people with paraplegia. The hybrid design "BikAble" now combines the function of this sports equipment with that of a wheelchair, thus solving a problem: users are no longer dependent on help from third parties if they want to take a break on the road. This is because BikAble has a fold-out third wheel in front of the two rear wheels - thus, the handbike can be temporarily uncoupled from the front wheel and converted into a wheelchair.

The concept was developed as part of a master's thesis by engineer and sports scientist Emil Wörgötter under the supervision of Prof. Veit Senner, Professor for Sport Equipment and Materials at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Concept and CAD design have already been completed. Talks are now underway with various manufacturers for the construction of a prototype.

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