German Copper Institute Innovation Award for Alexander von Müller

The scientist at the Department of Mechanical Engineering has been awarded a funding prize for developing tungsten-copper composites.

With his work on 'Melt-infiltrated tungsten-copper composites as heat sink materials in plasma-loaded components', Alexander von Müller was able to convince the jury of the German Copper Institute (Deutsches Kupferinstitut) to award him their innovation prize this year.

In his work Alexander von Müller, a research scientist working with Prof. Dr. Rudolf Neu (Professorship for Plasma Material Interaction) who successfully completed his doctoral examination at the beginning of December at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), has developed innovative composite materials. These can be used to protect particularly stressed parts of the plasma vessel in a fusion power plant by acting as water-cooled heat-sink materials.

The annual innovation award of the German Copper Institute is presented for work in all areas of engineering and natural science, both in research and industry, and is worth 2,500 Euros. An independent jury from research and industry award the prize for one research paper each year.

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