Joseph Ströbl Prize for Dr. Moritz Körber

For his contribution to road safety: Dr. Moritz Körber, from the Chair of Ergonomics, has been awarded a research grant for his doctoral thesis.

Verleihung des 29. Joseph-Ströbl-Preises

Award of the 29th Joseph Ströbl Prize for outstanding service in the name of road safety (Image: Editorial department Bavarian Police)

For many years the Joseph and Sonja Ströbl Trust at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has been championing innovation in the field of road safety. The trust, affiliated to the TUM, has been awarding the Joseph Ströbl Prize since 1991 to people who, as journalists or scientists, have rendered outstanding service in the name of road safety.

One of the research grants awarded as part of the 29th Joseph Ströbl Prize has been won by Dr. Moritz Körber for his examination of how far automatic vehicles are accepted by society. At the prize giving at the Bavarian Interior Ministry, the Interior Minister, Joachim Herrmann emphasised that Dr. Körber had shown in his thesis, how the willingness of road users to hand over the steering wheel and place their trust in modern assisted driving systems could be increased.

Ergonomics (LFE) at the Department of Mechanical Engineering :

Dr. Moritz Körber at the Chair of Ergonomics (Prof. Bengler):

Bavarian Interior Ministry press release: