The WARR Hyperloop Team wins at the Hyperloop Pod Competition Finals

30 teams had set off to secure a win in the Hyperloop Pod competition, set up by the visionary, Elon Musk. On 29 January, the capsule of the Munich team speeded to take first place.

[Translate to en:] Das WARR Hyperloop Team<br />(Bild: Dolores Volkert / TUM)

It is a fascinating concept for the future. In 2015, the visionary and SpaceX founder, Elon Musk set the challenge of developing a high-speed train that would transport passengers at approximately the speed of sound. The technical challenges of such a project are immense but 30 teams worldwide participated in developing a Hyperloop Pod. From 27-29 January, 27 teams presented their concepts in the grounds of Space X in Los Angeles.

On Sunday, 29 January, it was the turn of the team from the Technical University Munich (TUM) with the co-operation of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Elon Musk observed testing of the Munich team on the spot; the only spectator to see it 'live'. It was the WARR Hyperloop team that won the prize for the 'fastest pod'.

The WARR Hyperloop Teams received financial support from the TUM and 'Bund der Freunde der Technischen Universität München e.V.'.

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