Overview of Our Carolo-Cup Vehicles

Note: Since 2018, the Carolo-Cup is split into the advanced Carolo-Cup and the Basic Cup. Unless otherwise specified, we always participated in the advanced Carolo-Cup.

Vehicle 2019: "Cruising Craig" (7th place)

Just hours before the Carolo-Cup 2019, the main computer on our car suffered from irreparable hardware failure during a training session. Therefore, we had to forfeit the main match and only achieved 7th place overall in 2019.

Vehicle 2017+2018: "Tighty" (3rd place in 2017, 1st place in the Basic Cup in 2018)

Vehicle 2016: "Smokey" (4th place)

Vehicle 2015: "Frechdachs" (4th place)

Carolo-Cup 2015 Videos:

Vehicle 2014: "Minimu" (3rd place)

Vehicle 2013: "Knecht" (1st place)

Carolo-Cup 2013 Videos:

Vehicle 2012 (5th place)

Carolo-Cup 2012 Videos:

Vehicle 2011 (7th place)

Carolo-Cup 2011 Videos:

Vehicle 2010: "Das Schiff" (10th place)

Carolo-Cup 2010 Videos: