The professorship for Sports Equipment and Sports Materials participated in the 1st virtual TUM campus run from 25-26.06.2020. All in all, we were able to reach seventh place as a team among 36 participating teams for the selected 11 KM distance in a time of 53:08 minutes. Thanks... [more]

The professorship welcomes Mrs. Kati Nispel M.Sc. as a new research assistant. Ms. Nispel has already written her master thesis on the co-simulation between an MBS and a FEM software at the professorship. She will now be involved in the iBack and InTEGRATE projects and work on the... [more]

The new Annual Report 2019 of the Professorship of Sport Equipment and Sport Materials is now available. Enjoy discovering our last years' exciting projects. In case of having interest in more projekts since 2014 (i.e., 2014-2018) please follow this link. [more]

On Monday, 18.05.2020, a film team from Bayerischer Rundfunk was a guest at the Associate Professorship of Sport Equipment and Sport Materials. For the resumption of playing in the German Soccer League, an 8-minute documentary about the ongoing ZIM research project "SuPer Hybrid... [more]

The Professorship of Sport Equipment and Sport Materials is pleased about the approved AiF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen) ZIM (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand)-research project entitled "MotiTrain" (Förderkennzeichen: ZF4457403AP9). The... [more]

Even though our laboratory was hardly frequented in April important research projects continued. On April 21 the proven expert PD Dipl. Sportwiss. Peter BRUCKER.joined the Professorship. Dr. Brucker is the leading team physician of the German Ski Association (DSV) and... [more]

It wasn't always sunny. Hence, participants of the WS 19-20 sports technology project also had to get out in a snowstorm condition.The different projects: Does the kinematics of the walking movement change when using different ski touring bindings? And: How well do two commercial... [more]

The Professorship of Sport Equipment and Sport Materials gathered for a joint doctoral workshop at the Science and Study Center Raitenhaslach (TUM) from the 17th until 18st of February, 2020 to spend two successful and exciting days regarding research and internal affairs. ... [more]

M2D (2019) was the eighth international conference in the fields of mechanics, engineering design, advanced materials, energy harvesting, reliability, quality and safety engineering. The conference was held in Bolognia, 4-6 September 2019. Mr. Bahador Keshvari has presented his... [more]

On 08.01.2020 Professor Senner, Bahador Keshvari and Valentin Wohlgut took part in the kick-off meeting of the ZIM project "Development of a compostable hybrid sports turf with an ideal biomechanical load profile to minimize the risk of non-contact injuries in professional turf... [more]