New BFS-Research-Project „Mechatronic Ski Binding“

The research project "Mechatronic Ski Binding" has launched with the presentation of the funding decision represented by Ministerial Director Dr. Sabine Jarothe. The three year project, involving companies, such as "Marker", "Völkl", "Schöffel", "Moticon", "InteractiveWear" and "2D Debus&Diebold" in addition to the professorship of Sports Equipment and Sport Materials, has a total volume of 922,000 €.

The aim of the project is to develop a mechatronic ski binding. This should reduce the current high knee injury rate in alpine skiing. 

Find attached a short insight to the research proposal (currently in German language only).

For further information please visit bayerischen Staatsregierung as well as Alpine[n] Sicherheit.