Equal opportunities and diversity in university studies

The Diversity Office is on summer break in August and September. With the founding of the  TUM School of Engineering and Design, there will not only be a new homepage and a newly staffed Diversity Office, but also new networking formats. We will inform you as soon as there is more information. In the meantime, the women's representatives at frauenbeauftragte@mw.tum.de are your contacts for all topics related to diversity & equality.


Diversity Forum of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

You want to hear what the Office for Equal Opportunity and Diversity and the Women's Representatives are currently working on? Or even have ideas about what diversity topics should be discussed or worked on at the department? Then come to our digital forum. The first meeting will take place on 24 February 2021 at 10:30 a.m. via https://tum-conf.zoom.us/j/96617227765 (Meeting ID: 966 1722 7765; Identifier code: diversity).

Networking meeting for first-semester students

This semester there will be another digital networking meeting for all female first semester students (Bachelor, as well as newcomers from other universities in Master) in mechanical engineering.
The networking meeting will take place on 10 November 2020 at 5:30 pm digital. You will receive the link during SET or on request to gleichstellungsbuero@mw.tum.de.
The networking meeting is planned as a FLINT* event for women and queer students.

LGBTIQ Awareness Workshop

For this year's German Diversity Day, we want to raise awareness with an LGBT*IQ Awareness Session organized by the Equal Opportunity Staff Office. The one-hour format, which will take place on May 19, 2021, includes an awareness exercise and homosexuality, transsexuality and intersexuality will be explained using the Genderbread. Participants will receive information about the situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people in the workplace. Ways will be shown how each individual can show support for the topic at TUM. More information and registration at TUM Equal Opportunity.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering, the TUM and other institutions offer numerous workshops in the field of diversity.


For the mentoring program, there will again be a training course for mentors this semester, which can be credited with 0.5 ECTS for the ZSK soft skills program. Registration for the course "Mentoring training for MW students" is done via TUMonline. The mentoring training will cover the following contents:

  • contents and goals of the program
  • role and mission of Mentor:inside
  • active listening and question techniques

The kickoff for the training takes place for all mentors:innen on 29.10. from 17:00 to 18:30, the small group appointments within the training take place in the first week of November. All dates are planned digitally.

Femtec - Promoting Talents!

Women are successful engineers. Women are Nobel laureates in natural science. Women fly to the moon as astronauts.

For business and science, female talent is indispensable.

Femtec.GmbH, founded in 2001 by the EAF Berlin and the Technical University Berlin aims to engage in this field.

Together with its partners, Femtec forms a unique network to support and encourage women in natural science and technology.

For further information see this link.

Contact persons are Anja Quindeau and the Equal Opportunity Office & Position for Diversity at TUM Mechanical Engineering

Workshops of the office for equal opportunities

For offers of the office for equal opportunities at the TUM see this link.

Center of Key Competencies

In the winter semester 2020/2021 there will be courses on the following topics:

  • Business etiquette (English, asynchronous online format)
  • Unconscious Bias (German, Online format with digital synchronous elements)

More detailed information will be available soon in TUMonline.

Women of TUM

For further information please visit Women of TUM.


Advice and support

WOmentoring for students

New surroundings, new people, new life - the mentoring program helps students to find their way around the university or to get tips for learning, socializing, etc. during their studies. On the other hand, it can help you to get in contact with people who have already gone the way you want to go. For example when it comes to stays abroad, support programs, etc.

The special thing about it: 85 percent of MW students are male. So for the other 15% it is difficult to get to know each other. The program would therefore like to provide a framework for women in particular to network with each other. But since networking is important for everyone in the digital age, ALL STUDENTS can register for the program. There will, however, continue to be pure women's groups in order to improve networking among the 15 percent.

They can discuss everyday study life with a mentor from a higher semester, support mentees from lower semesters and simply get to know the 15% on the side, which is otherwise often overlooked in the lecture hall. On 17.11. at 16:30 there will be a virtual meeting for all mentoring participants.
If you are interested in participating in the mentoring program as a mentor or mentee, send an e-mail to gleichstellungsbuero@mw.tum.de or register for the course "Mentoring Program for MW Students" via TUMonline.


mentorING exists since 2002 and is the most longstanding and one of the most successful mentoring programmes of TUM. It addresses female student of the TUM. In addition to one-on-one mentoring and regular networking events the programme offers seminars and workshops for professional qualification. The workshop „Managing Gender & Diversity“ covers, among others, the examination of gender roles and reflection of your personal perception.

For further information see the flyer and the website of the TUM International GmbH.

TUM Career Service

You can find more information here at TUM Career Service.



The TUM offers coaching for students and employees in the realisation of a concern or the solution of a problem as well as in the improvement of learning and performance. If you have any further questions, you can contact the Equal Opportunity Office & Position for Diversity at TUM Mechanical Engineering, which can provide an overview and further tips.

For further information see this link.


The office "Equal Opportunity Career & Training" of the Stabsstelle Chancengleichheit (office for equal opportunities) advises and supports university members, departments and (scientific) institutions of the TUM in the planning and implementation of diversity measures.

If you have any further questions, you can contact the Equal Opportunity Office & Position for Diversity at TUM Mechanical Engineering, which will be happy to support and refer you.

For further information see this link.

EnableMe Online-Mentoring

From January 2021, the EnableMe online mentoring will start. This is a program that supports people with disabilities in their entry into professional life through targeted online coaching.
The offer is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labor and Social Affairs and is free of charge for participants! Further information and details can be found on the myhandicap.de website.

Financial Support Options

You will find general information and further links on the subject of financial support, in particular for students and scientists at TUM, on the website of the Stabsstelle Chancengleichheit (office for equal opportunities).

Please also see Grant Database (Studienlotsen - German only) of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Laura Bassi Fellowship of the TUM

With the Laura Bassi Fellowship, the TUM supports and promotes exceptional women in natural science. Laura Bassi was the first woman scientist to win a professorship (physics) at a European university.

Family, University and Career

Balancing study, work and family commitments has always been a challenge for everyone concerned. Increasing internationalisation and greater demands for flexibility and mobility have presented harder challenges to those of us with dependents. We wish to offer as much support in this regard as possible, both as an educational facility and employer.

The central contact for offers by the TUM regarding the topic of child care is the Kids, Family and Elder Care Center of TUM.Family.

Contact persons are available at all our premises for personal consultations.  

Child and Family Room (MW0807)


A child and family room was opened at the Department of Mechanical Engineering in November 2011. The room is a facility at the Department for mothers and fathers (or temporary caregivers or guardians) looking for a quiet corner with their little ones for playing, eating, changing nappies, sleeping or working - regardless of whether they are students, staff or guests. Expectant mothers are also welcome if they need to rest.

Gaps in childcare occuring for example at evening events which come up from time to time and take place outside the normal opening hours of childcare facilities are to be closed thereby. The room can also be used by babysitters you organise yourself (e.g. fellow students, colleagues or staff from R.U.F.).


  • comfortable seating area
  • work area
  • playing corner and toys
  • baby cost warmer
  • changing table
  • wash-basin
  • microwave oven

Access and card activation

Prior registration is not necessary and the keycard can be borrowed at any time at the gate. If you wish to use the room regularly, we recommend that you get your student or staff card, your mensa card or another type of Legic card activated to allow access to the room. Please complete the Activation Application Form and send it to Dieter Grimm.

Child and Family Room

Room MW 0807 is situated in Building 8 of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Access is via the side entrance to the right of StuCafe Boltzmannstrasse (see plan of building).

Flexible Childcare

Apart from the Child and Family Room at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Informatics and Mathematics provides flexible childcare on the Garching Campus.

A small fee of € 4 per hour for students and € 6 per hour for staff is charged and paid in the form of vouchers (Wertmarken).

Further information on childcare booking.


If you have any questions regarding child care during the pandemic restrictions, you can contact the Equal Opportunity Office & Position for Diversity at TUM Mechanical Engineering or the TUM Kids, Family and Elder Care Center.

Childcare in an emergency

"Emergency childcare" is a service provided by the Department of Mechanical Engineering if your regular childcare is canceled or if child care is required outside the opening hours of child daycare facilities, e.g. if lectures or events take place after 5 pm or at the weekend (although this should be avoided on account of family friendliness, see Diversity Goals). If this should arise, please send an e-mail to the Gender Equality Office or to the Gender Equality Officer.

Additional Information

A hygiene concept is currently being developed for the care facilities on campus, e.g. in the family room, which should enable the resumption of flexible care from the winter semester onwards. Further information will be available here as soon as possible.

Childcare during Holiday Periods

For further information see this link.

Parent Networking via Moodle or Rocket.Chat-Kanal

For further information see this link.

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