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Final Thesis

How do I apply for approval to begin my final thesis?

Before students can begin with their final thesis, they require formal confirmation that they have fulfilled the relevant requirements.

Approval to begin your Bachelor's Thesis:

  • In order to obtain approval to begin your final thesis, you are required to have earned at least 120 credits (for a degree course beginning with or after WS15/16, at least 105 credits must have been earned from compulsory modules of the basic study program). In addition to that you need to have the recognition for a pre-university internship starting with the course plan 2017.
  • To apply for formal confirmation of acceptance for the Bachelor degree thesis, simply send an e-mail to the following address: bachelorarbeit@mw.tum.de
  • You will be informed by e-mail as soon as the formal confirmation is ready to be collected (during normal office hours).
  • The confirmation is valid for 4 weeks and must be handed to your supervising institute before starting work on your thesis.
  • In order for your application to be valid, the formal confirmation, together with the application form, must be sent back to the Bachelor Examination Body by your institute.

Approval to begin your Master's Thesis:

  • Master students require only a transcript from TUMonline showing that 80 credits have been earned.
  • Once the required credits for approval have been proven to your advisor before starting work, he or she can register the final thesis at the responsible Examination Board.
  • With the Master it is no longer necessary to request an approval form from the Examination Board - as was previously required for the German 'Diplom' title.

What is the expected scope for my final thesis?

The scope of work involved in an academic paper is reflected in the credits involved.

Bachelor's Thesis

  • 11 credits = 330 hours of work (= 2 months of full-time work)
  • Processing time: 6 months

Master's Thesis

  • 30 credits = 900 hours of work (= 6 months of full-time work)
  • Processing time: 6 months

See the examination results in your TUMonline account for the obligatory submission date.

How long may the correction of the thesis last?

According to § 18 para 11 APSO the thesis shall generally to correct within a period of two months.

Can I give back a final thesis which has already been registered?

Yes you can. In any case, the topic of a thesis may be given back only once and only within the first third of the assessment period (i.e. within 2 months) provided there are valid reasons and an appropriate request has been made to the competent examination board.

Can the assessment period be extended?

The answer is yes. Before the date of expiry of the assessment period, this period may be extended for up to one month in case there are compelling reasons or reasons beyond the student's control (inaccessible software, unavailable material, defective machinery). In this case, an appropriate request has to be made to the relevant examination board, using a form that may be obtained from your supervisor or which is available for downloading under "Forms".

In case of illness, the assessment period may be extended by the duration of inability. Please submit a relevant request without delay to the responsible examination board, presenting a certificate from a medical officer.

Can a final thesis be written outside the department?

For Master students

Yes, but the issuance and initial advising must come through university professors or lecturers engaged in instruction in the degree program.

For all Bachelor students

Yes, but the assignment and initial advising must come through a professor from our TUM Department of Mechanical Engineering and the ongoing advising in coordination with industry.

Exceptions: Only Professors Herzog, Rigoll and Wagner (Department of Electrical Engineering), Professor Große (Institute of Non-Destructive Testing) and Professor Gaderer (Straubing Center of Science, Associate Professorship of Regenerative Energy Systems).

May work on term papers, dissertations and theses be carried out at a company?

Student research projects (term papers, dissertations and theses) may in principle be worked on in co-operation with companies. However, such work is a university academic assignment and the student's scientific qualification should always be at the forefront. For this reason, student research projects may only be assigned by institutes and departments, and not by companies.

Should you be offered an interesting research subject by a company, please get in touch in good time with the appropriate institute/department. Only in this way can possible adjustments to the subject matter be discussed and agreed by both parties. Please note that such projects are usually published, as they represent scientific research, and therefore restrictions on publication are not allowed. Qualified supervision, which meets the standards of the university, can only be assured if the subject is incorporated in the research field of the appropriate institute.

Students are not entitled to supervision for work carried out externally.

May a term paper, dissertation or thesis contain a publication restriction?

Term papers, dissertations and theses may not contain a publication restriction or any other provision, which goes beyond usual confidentiality and duty of care provisions. Bilateral agreements between a student and a company, which do not effect the process of writing the paper, are as a rule not effected by this provision (Faculty Board in force as of WS 17/18).

Can I submit final thesis during a leave of absence?

No. Please also read the separate FAQ section "Leave of Absence".

The exception is for a leave of absence related to pregnancy or parental leave (including for men).

Where must I submit my final thesis?

Please see under Central Registration of Submission of Scientific Final Theses and Papers.

Are there minimum requirements regarding format?

Please see under Central Registration of Submission of Scientific Final Theses and Papers.

Will my oral defence be included in my final marks?


I was unable to finish my final thesis by the end of the 8th subject semester (Bachelor) or the 6th subject semester (Master). Does this mean I haven't passed?

Right, your first attempt has failed.

  • At the latest 4 weeks before the break of the new semester, please submit to your examination committee a simple request, asking for permission to finish your final thesis dealing with the same topic in the next following semester (Bachelor = 9th Electives semester / Master = 7th Electives semester).
  • Owing to the (automatic) failure after the 8th Electives semester (B.A.) and 6th Electives semester (M.A.), your thesis when submitted in the 9th semester (B.A.) and 7th semester (M.A.) will count as second attempt. Please note that every thesis may only be repeated once.

How do I apply for a Bachelor/Master certificate?

Please see the FAQ section "Certificate".

Is my lecture relevant when determining the completion date of my final thesis?


Yes, the non-graded thesis lecture should be regarded as part of your course programme. It is therefore important in determining the completion date of your final thesis, if you do not give the lecture before submitting your thesis.

The 4.0 confirmation can only be issued, if your thesis has been submitted and the lecture has been given.


Do I have to be registered to give my thesis lecture?

In principle, registration is required. However, if your lecture is going to take place in the period up to and including the first week of the lecture period in the following semester, it is not necessary for you to be registered for the following semester.

Recognition of Credits

Which modules can I have recognized?

A module will only be recognized if it is comparable with regards to content. No significant differences will be allowed. Please refer to the module handbook when comparing a specific module.

Here is a list of recognized modules from other universities. The modules listed have been checked as having been recognized in the past. However, this list is continually amended and the comparability of content should be checked at the time when recognition is applied for. Should your module not be included in the list, our specialized examiners will carry out an equivalence test.

Please note however that recognised module credits are permanently anchored in your course tree and can no longer be exchanged for others.

When do I submit an application for recognition of credits?

  • A review for recognition of credits can not be undertaken until enrolment is complete.
  • An application for recognition of credits can only be undertaken once, specifically with the responsible Examination Board during the first year of study (exception: double degrees; see separate FAQ item on this).
  • An application for recognition of additional credits from the BA degree programme in the MA degree programme can also be submitted if the Bachelor certificate has not yet been issued. However, the application can be processed and finished only after the BA degree programme is completed.
  • The submission date of the application determines whether the deadline has been met or not.

How can I receive recognition for credits earned prior to enrolment from institutions OUTSIDE GERMANY? (only Bachelor)

How can I have my credits recognised and what statutes of limitation apply?

  • Please contact the responsible Examination Board for this.
    Pre-prepared applications forms can be found on our homepage under Forms.
  • Please submit the application directly to a member of the Examination Board or drop it into the post box in front of the Examination Board's offices.
  • That member will determine as far as possible whether the courses of study can be recognised without complication. For all other courses of study you will receive a form to bring to the respective institute for verification of the content.
  • All applications for recognition can be made within the first year of study (the date of receipt of the application is decisive).
  • It is recommended however that you submit your application as soon as possible after enrolment.
  • Please also notice the list of previously recognised examinations from other universities.
  • Exception: Students enrolled at the TUM who have earned credits during a leave of absence must apply for recognition no later than the semester following the leave of absence semester.

What credits can I obtain for a study semester abroad?

Credits from a study semester abroad can be obtained in two ways:

  • if there is a similar module (the content must be fundamentally the same) in the study plan for your degree. In this case, direct recognition is possible. This requires a successful review of the content to be carried out by the appropriate institute.
  • alternatively, for study in a supplementary subject. This does not require a specific recognition procedure, so long as the study abroad has been awarded at least 3 ECTS and is thematically relevant to your degree course.

Please also see the list of study units from other universities, which have already been recognized to date.

Can credits obtained at other universities be recognised as subsidiary subjects?

Credits, which have been obtained at a German university, cannot be recognised in general. However, if these credits have been obtained as part of a degree course based at a university in another country and they are worth at least 3 credits, this may be possible.

What documents must I submit together with my application for recognition?

Please note that, when you apply for recognition of credits, you must submit the original form. We also require original documents as proof of academic achievement/references, if available.

If not, please  submit relevant  proof using the online verification system.

Who makes the final decision on recognition of credits?

The departmental reviewers are the final arbiters of whether the documented credits are equivalent to the studies and examination material at the Department of Mechanical Engineering/TUM.

Can I have credits from my Bachelor degree programme recognised for my Master degree?


  • All valid elective modules from your Bachelor are eligible for recognition. Please register the credit intended for the Master via your degree progress tree under "Elective Subject".
  • The courses of study being advanced must be included in the degree progress tree for your new degree programme at the time of registration.
  • If during the course of your BA degree program you already have a preference for certain specialisations within the MA degree programme, please be sure to orient yourself in advance toward the specialisation offerings for the Master.
  • Once you have enrolled for the MASTER, you can then apply for recognition of those specialisations with the Master Examination Board up through the end of the 2nd MASTER subject-specific semester (Form: "Recognition of Credits earned at the TUM").
  • Recognition is only offered following the completion of the BACHELOR. However, the application can already be submitted earlier (e.g. to meet the deadline).

What is the process for obtaining recognition of credits not obtained at the TUM?

  • Upon receipt of your application by the Examination Board, you will receive forms for the specialist units that you would like to have recognized and which have not been reviewed to date for their content.
  • You must arrange for an appointment and review these forms in person with the corresponding expert reviewer (for credits from the Bachelor degree basic course, an address list will be provided).
  • You should bring along information about completed specialist units, excerpts from course programs, etc to this meeting.
  • When the forms have been completed by the expert reviewer, they should be returned to the Examination Board.
  • The recognition process generally takes up to 6 weeks. Confirmation of recognition from the institutes which has not been received by the relevant Examination Board within 6 weeks will not be taken into consideration.
  • Upon conclusion of the process, you will receive written notification about the recognition decision and, where applicable, the resulting promotion to a more advanced semester.
    ALTERNATIVELY: After the process is finalized, you will be informed about your recognition and the resulting admission to a semester.

I don't see the recognised credits in the summary of examinations?

That is correct. Recognised credits are not examinations. Your recognitions are recorded in your transcript with a "*)". In the degree progress tree you'll find your recognised credits listed at the position you've selected.

Will I be promoted to a more advanced semester on account of the recognition I receive?

Up to 21 credits there is no placement into a more advanced semester. From 22 credits on you will be promoted by one subject semester. For each additional 30 credits (i.e. from 52, 82 credits) an additional subject semester will be awarded.

Can I be promoted to a more advanced semester if I have existing credits recognised during a leave of absence?

Only if you have more than 21 credits for the leave of absence recognised.

These credits do not include

  • Industrial placement
  • Re-sit of previously attempted examinations

Can I have earned credits recognised during a leave of absence?


  • Application for recognition can be submitted during the leave of absence. The application for credits from a foreign exchange must be submitted no later than during the following semester.
  • Exception:
    Academic papers composed during a leave of absence, such as during a foreign exchange semester, can only be recognised if the leave of absence is rescinded.

Can I expect recognition of courses meeting remedial requirements?

Please refer to the item Remedial Requirements.

Can I obtain credits for "supplementary" subjects?


Credits can only be obtained for subjects that contribute to the completion of your degree programme.

Which course modules can be recognised for my Master degree?

Modules can only be recognised, if they are also included in the curriculum for the degree programme. This is determined by the degree curriculum which was in force at the time of your registration.

The recognition of free elective courses is always at your own risk because the modules offered for a particular degree course can change and therefore there is no guarantee of recognition when changing from a Bachelor to a Master degree programme.

The current modules are to be found on TUM online.

Recognition of WI modules

Partial recognition is only possible for separate modules, but not for combined modules.

  • In the studies program, you can identify separate modules by the fact that two separate examination nodes are shown under the module name (e.g. WI 100967 'Designing and Scheduling Lean Manufacturing Systems').
  • In the studies program, you can identify combined modules by the fact that only one examination node is indicated under the module name (e.g. WI 001129 'Marketing and Innovation Management (MIM)').


Please see the FAQ section "Registration for Examinations".

Medical Certificates

Please see the FAQ section "Withdrawal from Examinations".

Conditional Admissions ('Auflagen')

By when must I have passed the required examinations?

  • You must pass all examinations required by the end of the 2nd semester, otherwise they will be marked irrevocably as a fail and the admission to this Master degree programme will be withdrawn.
  • If you fail a conditional admission examination, it may only be resat once within the deadline given above and must be passed. Conditional admissions will not appear in the transcript of records, only in your performance record and account statement (as a separate enclosure).
  • Explanation: conditional admission measures are not part of the degree itself but are required for admission to a Master degree programme.

Leave of Absence

How to request leave of absence for one semester

Taking off a semester is regulated by §§ 11 & 12 of the TUM Statutes of Matriculation, Reporting Back, Leave of Absence and Withdrawal ('Immatrikulations-, Rückmelde-, Beurlaubungs- und Exmatrikulationssatzung') which apply in conjunction with Art. 64, sections 2 to 4 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act (Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz).

Please refer to the above regulations for the following details:

  • reasons for leave of absence
  • duration and
  • dates
  • procedures

For additional information please click here.

You can download your request for leave of absence on TUMonline under 'Printouts for Students'. Please submit your request to the Student Admission department (formerly Registrar's Office).

How do I get the statement of the department?

If you want to request a leave of absence for an internship, it requires the statment of the department:

  • In the case of a mandatory internship, please contact the internship office, praktikumsbestaetigungen@mw.tum.de.
  • In the case of a voluntary internship, please contact a chair considered suitable in terms of the internship contents. Ask for a statement confirming the relevance of this internship for your study program. Templates and specifications for this letter are not available.
  • In the case of a voluntary internship abroad please contact the advice on study abroad.

Can I sit my first official examination attempt during a leave of absence?


The only exception is parental leave. Please see the FAQ sections on "Parental leave/maternity leave".

Can I resit an examination during a leave of absence?

Yes. Repeats of examinations involve examinations that you have failed for which you

  • were registered and did not pass, or
  • were registered and did not appear for the examination (Mark of 5.0)

Is there a limit on the number of credits I can earn from re-sitting examinations during a leave of absence?


I cannot register via TUMonline for examinations during my leave of absence (or parental leave), what do I need to do?

Registration for repeat of examinations should be possible. If you are experiencing problems with this please contact the responsible Examination Board immediately.

Can I submit/start semester and final thesis during a leave of absence?


You may not perform any of the actions indicated above during a leave of absence. You must first conclude the semester/final thesis prior to the leave of absence, or can only begin once the leave of absence is complete (Exception: parental leave)

Can the working time for my academic paper (semester or final thesis) be suspended during a leave of absence?

No, this is not possible. Academic papers must be started AND completed prior to the leave of absence or started AND ended after the leave of absence.

Can I have examination results recognised during the leave of absence?

Please read the FAQ section "Recognition of credits".

Will I be bumped up a semester toward my degree during my leave of absence?

In most cases no.

Do I have to pay tuition fees during my leave of absence?

Fees to the Studentenwerk etc. will also have to be paid during the semester you are on leave of absence. For binding information please turn to the Semester fees and scholarships department (formerly Registrar's Office).

Can I apply for leave of absence, if I have not obtained the required number of credits in the previous semester?

No, this is not possible.

  • In accordance with Paragraph 10 of the Study and Examination Regulations (Allgemeine Prüfungs- und Studienordnung – APSO), study progress monitoring takes place at the end of the semester.
  • If you have not achieved the required number of credits by the end of the assessment period, you will be removed from the register of students at the end of the semester.
  • It is therefore no longer possible to continue studying or to take leave of absence. If you have already applied for leave of absence, it will be null and void as a result of removal from the register.


How do I apply to Master's Degree studies?

Please consult the TUM websites for details of Master's Degree Applications.

You may apply to a Master's Degree if, at the time of application, you have completed a standard period of study and have already gained at least 140 ECTS (credits) in your 6-semester Bachelor's studies (after 7-semester studies at least 170 ECTS, after 8-semester studies at least 200 ECTS).

If you obtained your Bachelor's degree in

  • Mechanical Engineering at the TUM Department of Mechanical Engineering, the following rules will apply: As an applicant you will merely have to submit a request for admission together with a letter of motivation. All other documents are already available to TUM. Your CV will be required in case there is no seamless transition between the Bachelor's studies and the beginning of the Master's studies. This gap of time must be indicated in the CV.
  • If you have obtained a B.Sc. in Engineering from the Munich School of Engineering (MSE) of TUM, you have to meet the following requirements: Please submit all documents listed at the end of online application with the exception of the Module Handbook.
  • For all applicants: The degree documents must be turned in within the first year of the Master's studies.

Double Degrees

How will my achievements be credited in the case of a double degree program?

After the date of grading, please inform your competent examination committee of your relevant achievements for each semester. To this end, complete the Application for Recognition of Academic Achievement at other TUM Departments.

Parental Leave/Maternity Leave

How long can I take parental leave?

According to the Statutes of Matriculation, Reporting Back, Leave of Absence and Withdrawal ('Immatrikulations-, Rückmelde-, Beurlaubungs- und Exmatrikulationssatzung'), parental leave may be granted for up to six semesters (per child). During this time credits can be earned at the TUM.

Which regulations are in place for parental leave/maternity leave?

As per the APSO (3/2011) § 20 it is possible to sit examinations despite a leave of absence; a second sitting of examinations is possible but not mandatory.

Withdrawal from University?

Please also see the FAQ section on "Enrolment/Withdrawal from University".

Changes in Specialisation and Module Catalogs

Where do I find out about changes in the Specialisation Catalogs / Module Catalogs?

Please refer to your studies program in TUMonline. Any changes to the Module Catalogs are directly included in the program. Changes are also published on our website.

NOTE: However, any such changes will not be entered in your studies program until the beginning of the new semester (October 1 and April 1).

Optional Courses

See FAQ section "Supplemental Fields of Study".

Voluntary Internship

I wish to do a voluntary internship and require a statement from the department in order to apply for leave of absence.

Neither the Internship Office nor the Industrial Placement Office is responsible for confirming voluntary internships. Instead, please contact one of the department's institutes directly for the determination of relevance.

University Internship

How are university interships granted?

University internships are granted via our registration system for (university) internships (PAS).

For further information and instructions see:


Enrolment/Withdrawal from University

Where can I go for assistance if I have questions regarding enrollment or withdrawal?

For all queries concerning enrollment or withdrawal, please contact the Student Admission department, Arcisstrasse 21, 80333 Muenchen, studium@tum.de

What are the reasons for withdrawal?

Please go to the site Withdrawal from University

When will I be officially withdrawn from the university following completion of the degree programme?

If you do not apply for withdrawal from the university with the division Application and Admission, you will be automatically withdrawn from the university at the end of the semester (31/03 or 30/09) during which you earned your last set of credits. Further information

Counselling on tuition fees:

SSZ Service Desk
Arcisstraße 21
80333 München


How long must I remain enrolled?

  • You must be enrolled at least up to the point in time where the final credits are earned, or where the final thesis is submitted.
  • It is not mandatory that you still be enrolled while undertaking corrections on your final credits.
  • Please note that the lecture relating to your final thesis is part of your course programme as laid down by the Study and Examination Regulations (APSO). The date of the lecture determines the completion date of your studies, if the lecture is given after the six-month writing period.
  • You must be registered in order to give the lecture.
    Exception: If the lecture takes place in the period up to and including the first week of the lecture period in the following semester (APSO, paragraph 14, sub-paragraph 1).

Industrial Placement

Please also read the section "Guidelines for Industrial Placement".

Accommodating Disabilities

Please see the FAQ section "Extended Examination Times (PZV)".

Confirmation of an Internship in Industry

What is an internship confirmation?

An internship confirmation is a document, issued by the Internship Office, which confirms the number of weeks still required to complete a compulsory internship in industry.

What do I need this confirmation for?

  • Companies: Many companies demand a confirmation to prove that an internship is required and still to be done.
  • Leave of absence (Semester off): If you wish to apply for a semester off for your industrial placement you have to submit the above confirmation under the heading 'Statement of the Department'.
  • Be sure to make a copy of the document for your files.
  • Please contact the Student Admission department for information about the application regulations for a leave of absence semester.

I wish to do a voluntary internship and require a statement from the department in order to apply for leave of absence.

Neither the Internship Office nor the Industrial Placement Office is responsible for confirming voluntary internships. Instead, please contact one of the department's institutes directly for the determination of relevance.

What information exactly is included in the internship confirmation?

Apart from your name and study semester, the confirmation will state the length of time required to complete the internship, as well as the number of weeks which have already been completed and the number of weeks still required to complete a compulsory internship.

It will confirm neither specific internship dates nor companies. It will also make no statements regarding possible future recognition.

The company, where I wish to do an internship, requests that its own confirmation of internship form should be completed.

We are not able to fill out external documents because they often do not comply with the requirements of the Internship Office. Please use the confirmation which has been issued by us.

Who can apply for an internship confirmation and how do I apply?

All students, who are enrolled on Bachelor degree courses at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, may apply for an internship confirmation. Master degree students, who are required under their conditions of admission to complete an internship in industry ("Industriepraktikum"), may also apply for a confirmation after the beginning of the semester in which they enrol in the study course concerned.

Please note: For legal reasons, we are not able to issue an internship confirmation, If you have not yet enrolled at the department. Please contact the Internship Office after you have begun your enrolment semester. Before then, you can consult the appropriate paragraphs of the Academic and Examination Regulations which are publicly available on the TUM website.

To apply for a confirmation, please contact praktikumsbestaetigungen@mw.tum.de and include the following information in your e-mail:  

  • Name
  • Matriculation number
  • Current postal address

Registration for Examinations

How do I go about registering for examinations?

Click here for instructions.

How do I register myself for mandatory modules?


The only method is using the degree progress tree in TUMonline!

If you encounter technical problems, please contact your responsible Examination Board immediately within the registration deadline.


How do I register myself for examinations?

The registration deadline within TUMonline is generally as follows:

  • 15 May – 30 June for examinations pursuant to the SS
  • 15 November – 15 January for examinations pursuant to the WS

The precise registration deadlines will be published within TUMonline and are not flexible! For your own security we advise that you print out a confirmation of the successful registration once you have completed it in TUMonline.

How late can I withdraw once registered?

Generally speaking it is possible to retract a registration in TUMonline within 14 days of the scheduled examination.

Registration during leave of absence or parental leave?

Please also see the FAQ section "Leave of absence".

Is it possible to have my mandatory or elective modules reclassified?


You register your subjects via TUMonline, and thus in the process select the classification. If a classification was made improperly, then please submit an application (including explanation) to the responsible Examination Board for a reclassification of the subject.

Examination Board

Who is my responsible Examination Board?

You can find your contact persons here.

    Notifications of Official Examination Results

    How will I be notified that the official examination results are ready?

    • You will be informed by e-mail by the Central Examinations Office Garching that the results are available online at TUMonline.
    • 3 days after dispatch of the email the decision is considered delivered!
    • From the start of that delivery date you have 4 weeks to contest the results.
      A declaration of dispute must be submitted in writing to the Academic and Student Affairs Office - Legal Division of the Technical University of Munich.
    • If you have any questions about the official examination results, please contact the responsible Examination Board first.

    Will the official examination results show the number of times an examination was taken?

    The number of times an examination was taken, will only be shown on the account statement which forms part of the examination results. The transcript of records shows only the examinations passed, not the number of times you sat an examinations.

    Examination Review

    If I am unable to attend the examination review at the date given, can I arrange an alternative date?

    f you are unable to attend the examination review at the date given, due to no fault of your own, you may apply for an alternative date. To do this, you must make an application (letter/e-mail) to the Examination Board, at the latest by the original date of the examination review. With your application, you should send copies of documents indicating the reason for your being unable to attend (e.g. research abroad, industrial internship, illness, etc.).

    After your application has been received, it will be checked and, if a review at a later date is approved, it will be sent to the relevant examiner.

    Please let the Examination Board know that you agree to your personal details (e-mail address) being passed on to the relevant examiner, so that he/she may contact you to arrange an alternative date.

    In addition, please note: Personal reasons (e.g. holiday arrangements) cannot be taken into consideration.

    Can I authorise someone to represent me at the examination review, if I am unable to attend?

    No, it is not possible for someone to represent you at the examination review (unless there are pending appeal proceedings or a legal dispute).

    Official Examination Results

    How will I find out my examination results?

    • Checking your account on TUMonline
      All results are listed there (for review by student)
    • Transcript of Records (Leistungsnachweis) from TUMonline
      This lists only successfully passed examinations.
    • Official transcripts Bachelor/Master exclusively available at:

      Central Examination Office, Campus Garching
      Boltzmannstr. 17/III
      85748 Garching bei München
      +49 (0)89 289 - 14752

    Can I request a copy of my written examination if I missed the opportunity of examination review?

    All examiners/chairs are obliged to issue copies of written examinations and records only if the student has taken the opportunity of examination review. This is best achieved organizationally by making/issuing copies during the examination review or at similar opportunities. This is the only way of implementing the spirit of examination review under the heading "Learning from mistakes".

    Withdrawal from Examinations

    What steps are necessary if I cannot sit an examination due to illness/other reason?

    Reasons for the missed appointment must be submitted to the responsible Examination Board within three working days.

    The application must contain the following items: 

    • Postal address of the responsible Board:
      Technische Universität München
      Bachelor-/bzw. Masterprüfungsausschuss der Fak. für MW
      Boltzmannstr. 15
      85748 Garching
    • Name,
    • addresses,
    • matriculation number,
    • date
    • Missed examination(s) with examination date
    • Signature

    A reasonable justification must be presented. In the event of illness, only certificates from an official medical examiner from the TUM will be accepted.

    Who is considered an official medical examiner?

    • For stationary hospitalisations the respective clinic,
    • for psychiatric illnesses, the Clinic and Polyclinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Ismaningerstr. 22, 81675 München,
    • for other illnesses, the official medical examiners of the TUM (you can find a list of the official medical examiners here),
    • for dental illnesses, an extensive certificate from your dentist.

    Outside Munich, the following are considered legitimate substitutes to the aforementioned medical examiners:

    • Government health offices
    • Public medical officers

    Examination Dates

    When and where will the examination dates be published?

    As soon as the schedule has been determined, the preliminary/final dates will be posted

    • in the public notice boards,
    • on the this homepage and
    • on TUMonline.

    We ask for your understanding that we cannot respond to individual queries regarding the examination dates!

    Extended Examination Times (PZV)

    Who is eligible for extended examination times (PZV)?

    APSO § 19:

    "If students prove that, due to extended illness, permanent physical disability, or chronic disease, they are unable to take an examination or parts thereof in the stipulated form, testing accommodations in the form of extended time or a different examination arrangement may be provided".

    • The application for extended examination times must be submitted to the responsible Examination Board no later than the end of the examination registration period.
    • Please list within the application all subjects for which you've registered.
    • The disability must be documented through an official disability identification card or a certificate issued by an official medical examiner.
    • Examinations, for which an extension of the examination time is required, must be notified each semester at the latest by the end of the examination registration period to the Examination Board.
    • If the board is informed in time, it will in turn notify the institute/chair in question.

    In which case are extended examination times not granted?

    PZV will not be granted in case of an acute disease or injury.

    Who may act as a medical examiner?

    • A hospital, in the case of a stay in the hospital concerned
    • In the case of a mental illness, the Klinik and Poliklinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Ismaningerstr. 22, 81675 Munich
    • For all other illnesses, the TUM medical examiners (a list of the medical examiners can be found here)
    • In the case of dental problems, a detailed medical certificate from your dentist will be sufficient

    Outside of Munich, additional recognised medical examiners are:

    • Local health authorities
    • Public health officers


    Where can I get an interim ranking?

    Interim rankings can be issued to you by the Examination Boards. Please send an e-mail directly to ranking@mw.tum.de and give the following information in your e-mail:

    • degree course,
    • date of commencing degree course;
    • current subject-related semester,
    • registration number,
    • date and place of birth,
    • reason for requiring a ranking (please send proof with your e-mail),
    • current address (due to data-protection requirements, the ranking can only be handed to you personally or sent by post).

    Please note that:

    • an interim ranking can only be requested after the winter semester from mid-May onwards/after the summer semester from mid-November onwards,
    • rankings can only be issued after completion of the 2nd subject-related semester and up until the 4th (Master degree) or 6th (Bachelor degree) semester has been completed,
    • study progress of 20 credits per semester are required before a ranking can be issued,
    • after successful completion of the degree course, a ranking, together with a certificate from the Central Examination Office, will be issued automatically.

    Term Paper (relevant only for Master Students)

    What is the expected scope for my term paper?


    The scope of work involved in an academic paper is reflected in the credits involved.
    Master's Term paper = 11 credits = 330 hours of work (=2 months of full-time work)

    The processing time is 6 months.


    Can I change the topic on an already registered term paper?

    No. The topic can only be changed at the Final Thesis (see section "Final Thesis").

    Can I extend the writing period?

    Yes. You may apply for an extension of max. 1 month. You will receive an appropriate form from your supervisor. In the event that you take ill you may apply for the writing period to be extended for the duration of the period where you are declared unfit to study. In this case please submit the application to the Examination Board (certificate from an official medical examiner required).

    Can a term paper be written outside the department?

    Yes, but the assignment and initial advising must come through a professor from our department and the ongoing advising in coordination with industry.

    Exceptions: Only Professors Herzog, Rigoll and Wagner (Department of Electrical Engineering), Professor Große (Chair of Non-destructive Testing) and Professor Gaderer (Straubing Center of Science, Associate Professorship of Regenerative Energy Systems) are allowed for initial advising academic paper at our department.

    Can I submit term papers during a leave of absence?

    No. Please also read the separate FAQ section "Leave of Absence".

    The exception is for a leave of absence related to pregnancy or parental leave (including for men).

    Soft Skills

    Where can I find out more information about the Soft Skills?

    In the Center of Key Competencies (Zentrum für Schlüsselkompetenzen)

    What is the process for getting already earned Soft Skills recognised?

    See FAQ section "Recognition of credits".

    Publication Restriction

    Please see the FAQ section "Final Thesis".


    What is an application for deferment?

    Before study entry, at least eight weeks of the internship in industry must have been completed (pre-study industrial practical = manufacturing internship). In justified specific cases, e.g. stays abroad or Federal Voluntary Service, the placement may be deferred upon request. Just submit your request to the Placement Service, plausibly explaining the reasons preventing you from undertaking the practical before study entry.

    Ideally a major part of the practical should be completed prior to study entry, since the semester break is primarily needed for exam preparation.

    Important: If deferment has been granted, it will be necessary for you to catch up on the deferred part of the industrial placement in the lecture-free days after the first semester.

    Progress towards Degree

    I have completed all coursework but have not yet submitted my final thesis. Can I plan in an industrial placement?

    Yes. You are always measured based on your progress toward the degree. You must be able to document 180 credits toward the Bachelor after the 8th subject semester and 120 credits toward the Master after the 6th subject semester.

    In which case can I apply for suspension of the progress monitoring of my studies?

    If you can document (certificate from an official medical examiner of the TUM or other documentation) over a longer period of time (including potentially an entire semester) that there are reasons beyond your control (illness etc) that have prevented you from pursuing your studies in an orderly manner.

    The reasons must be reported immediately to the responsible Board.

    If you fail to satisfy the progress toward degree requirement, you cannot claim an exemption retroactively based on long-term illnesses or other reasons unless these were reported to the Board in a timely manner.

    Suspension is admissible only once by way of exception.

    Should your disability continue, you will be required to contact the Student Admission and Student Advising Division regarding possible leave of absence or a break in your course.

    Please find out more about the required certificate here.

    Change of Degree Programme

    How and where do I apply for recognition of credits?

    Please see the FAQ section "Recognition of credits".

    How does the transition from a Bachelor's degree to a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering work?

    If you have taken/completed the Bachelor's studies in Mechanical Engineering at our faculty and if you plan to do a Master's degree course here, too, please access Transition Bachelor → Master.

    Can I switch from the old BA degree programme (FPSO 1/2008) or the Diplom degree programme to the new BA Mechanical Engineering degree programme (FPSO 6/2012)?

    It is possible to switch. Please see the BA Examination Board as soon as possible for consultation regarding your specific situation

    Transcript of Records

    What is the Transcript of Records (ToR)?

    The Transcript of Records (ToR) lists all modules the student passed and the pertaining credits and examination grades that were awarded (§ 26 (3), P.2 APSO; for the Master see the passage on supplemental subjects in the Bachelor Statutes § 46b (2)).

    This includes all supplemental qualifications earned as part of the degree programme, even those beyond the minimum number of credits that must be earned from the elective modules that are recognised as part of a subsequent Master degree programme.

    This does not include examination and special remedial requirements that a student has been assigned as part of admissions to the Master degree programme.

    As such students have neither a right to apply for the acceptance of supplemental modules in the ToR nor a right to strike earned modules from the ToR.

    Recognitions must be denoted as such in the ToR, although no statement of origin is needed.


    Where can I find answers to my questions about TUM-Online?

    Resit of Examinations

    Am I automatically registered to resit an examination?


    All students must register for ALL examinations on their own in TUMonline via the degree progress tree.

    How often can I resit an examination?

    As per § 38 (2) FPSO, the Fundamentals Exams HM I and TM I must be passed by the end of the 2nd subject-relevant semester and may be resat only once.

    All other examinations can be resat until passed, presuming the necessary progress toward the degree as per APSO § 10 has been made.

    Please also read the section "Remedial Requirements ('Auflagen')".

    Central Registration of Submission of Scientific Final Theses and Papers

    The submission of which theses and papers must be registered centrally?

    All final theses (Baqchelor's and Master's thesis). Not included are term papers which should be submitted, as usual, to the supervisor who set the task.

    How many copies of my thesis must I submit to the examination board?

    You must submit two identical bound copies (unsewn/adhesive binding) at the latest by the closing date for submission to the appropriate examination board. One copy will be retained and held in the archive; the second one will be sent directly to the appropriate examiner.

    Where and when can I submit the copies of my final thesis?

    Please submit the copies to the appropriate examination board office (Bachelor Examination Board MW0011, Master Examination Board MW0011a).

    The office opening times for registration of submission are:

    Monday: 2:00 - 3:00 pm
    Tuesday to Thursday: 09:00 - 11:00 am
    Friday: 09:00 - 10:00 am

    Should one of the appropriate offices not be open, the Bachelor and Master offices deputise for each other. If the submission deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the submission period will be extended to the following working day.

    Are there minimum requirements regarding format?

    Yes, this is a brief summary:

    • Binding: an unstitched adhesive/perfect binding (ring- or spiral-binding are not allowed)
    • Spine: the name of the author must be printed on or permanently attached (eg. text secured with a broad, transparent adhesive tape) to the spine)
    • Language: information on the cover should be in the language (German or English) in which the thesis has been written. For German-language theses, the title should also be given in English.

    What happens if an institute / chair states requirements other than those of the examination boards?

    Please note that you must comply with the minimum requirements regarding binding, the title page (first printed page inside) and the sworn statement. As previously, the cover of your thesis may be designed in cooperation with your supervising institute / chair.

    Even if you submit your thesis to the institute/chair digitally, you must also submit two printed, bound copies for the registration of submission to the relevant examination board office by the closing date given.


    How do I apply for my Bachelor/Master certificate?

    Once the marks for your final thesis are officially recorded (presuming your last credits have already been earned), we'll send you an e-mail with the following request:

    1. Please review your transcript for correctness and completeness, especially the title of your academic theses.
    2. If any corrections are required, please return these back to the responsible Examination Board. We need to receive a positive feedback from you even in case no corrections are necessary. Otherwise your certificate data cannot be communicated.

    How long does it take for the final degree documents to be completed?

    Approx. 4 - 6 weeks after you apply for them at the Central Examination Office (not Examination Board) in Garching.

    When is the earliest I can expect to receive my certificate?

    Once 180 credits (Bachelor degree programme) or 120 credits (Master degree programme) have been earned as per the respective FPSO.

    For registered supplemental fields of study, please contact the responsible Examination Board prior to the issuance of the certification.

    What certification documents will I receive after completing my degree programme?

    • Zeugnis = Certificate
    • Urkunde = Diploma
    • Diploma Supplement
    • Transcript of Records
    • Grading Table

    I have received notification that my certificate is finished. Where can I pick this up in person?

    Central Examination Office, Campus Garching
    Boltzmannstr. 17/III
    85748 Garching

    Hours of operation: Mo, Tue, Thu 8:30 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. and Wed 1:00 p.m. - 4.30 p.m.

    Can it be seen on the certificate how many semesters were required to complete the degree?


    The certificate does not indicate how many semesters were required.The date of the last credit (submission of the final thesis/the lecture (if it was given after the six-month writing period) or the final examination) is the date of the transcript.

    In the case of a Bachelor degree course, the last credit can be the recognition of an industrial internship.

    Where do I have to show my Bachelor's Degree?

    For statements from January 2015 presentation of a Bachelor's degree at the Student Admission and Student Advising Division will NOT be necessary anymore, the transmission is then done automatically via TUMonline. You can check the transmission status via your Master´s application view in TUMonline (green checkmark at BU) . If there are problems with your Master´s application status, please contact the Student Admission and Student Advising Division.

    Can it be seen on the certificate how many times I sat an exam?

    No. The certificate will only give the grade for your final theses and the overall grade.

    Supplemental Fields of Study

    Supplemental fields of study = Fields of study?

    Supplemental fields of study are fields of study of no direct relevance to the Bachelor/Master degree programme. The evaluation and credits for the supplemental subjects are not relevant for the assignment of marks and thus are not included in the overall number of credits.

    Can supplemental fields from the Bachelor degree programme be recognised for the Master degree programme?

    Yes, by applying to the Master Examination Board (see also FAQ section "Recognition of credits").

    Do I need to successfully complete the supplemental fields of study?

    The supplemental fields of study are not listed on the certificate, including those which are not passed.

    What credits can be listed on the transcript as supplemental fields of study?

    All examinations sat at the TUM that are not used to complete the degree programme.

    Are the supplemental fields of study listed in my certificates and other documents?

    Yes. The Transcript of Records (Annex to the Certificate) presents all earned credits in a structured form.

    Can fields of study be recognised as supplemental fields of study?