Apllication for a Master's program

Instructions on completing the grade and credit history

This form is available to you for download during the online application!

Please complete this form on your own to the best of your knowledge. If necessary, compare the module descriptions of the compulsory subjects laid down for the TUM B.A. Degree in Mechanical Engineering with the module descriptions of the subjects you have studied.

Questions regarding correlation will not be answered!

We trust you, as an M.A. Degree applicant, to know best, which subjects you have studied belong in which subject groups. When deciding if a module, you have studied, can be credited, it is not the name of the module used by your university that is decisive but whether the competence you have acquired is comparable to that taught in the TUM module in question. In addition, the content, extent and depth of the subject matter will be considered.

Please include the following information:

  • exact name of the module (if you wish to list more than four modules, insert a new row),
  • grade (please use the formula given on the form of the TUM Bavarian Formula calculator),
  • credits (include the credits you have received at your university for having passed modules),
  • weekly hours per semester (at TUM one SWS (Semesterwochenstunde) is equivalent to 45 mins. per week; a lecture with two SWS is therefore equivalent to a 90-minute course which takes place every week throughout the semester. If necessary, convert your hours during the semester per course),
  • credit-weighted average grade (please calculate this using the formula given on the form, without rounding up or down, simply cutting off after the first decimal place),
  • final grade (if your previous degree course (e.g. the B.A. degree course with which you wish to make your application) has not been completed when you make your application, please indicate the current average grade at the time you apply).