Options of Studying Abroad

The Technical University of Munich and the Department of Mechanical Engineering provide numerous opportunities for study-related stays abroad.

Wherever you intend to go for studying or for an internship, you are free to choose among the following programs.


Studying abroad

ERASMUS+ (SMS) (Studies and/or internships in Europe)

TUMexchange (Studies and/or internships outside Europe)

TIME - Double Degree Programm (1 – 2 year study abroad; 2 degrees)

1:1 MSc Programm TUM-DTU “Energy conversion and storage

Current Offerings

Institut Ranke-Heinemann (Stays Abroad in Australia & New Zealand)

The Institut Ranke-Heinemann awards scholarships and travel allowances for exchange terms in Australia and New Zealand. Get more information about the funding of the institute.

GOstralia! Scholarships and part-cost grants

GOstralia! awards full and partial scholarships for study abroad experiences in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore; Malaysia and Vietnam. Further information can be found on the GOstralia! Website: www.gostralia.de/20jahre

RISE Worldwide

Bachelor students are being offered internships abroad at accredited scientific institutions or universities. Get more information on the DAAD website.

The University of British Columbia, internship

The University of British Columbia, internship


Information on Programs


Partner Universities

The Department of Mechanical Engineering currently has ERASMUS+ exchange agreements with about 80 partner universities.


  • Regular enrollment at TUM
  • Completion of at least the first year of Bachelor's studies (Recommendation: successful completion of the first two years of B.Sc. studies, i.e. 120 ECTS credit points)
  • Adequate language proficiency (English and/or native language)

In addition:

  • Online application and filing of the application form
  • After nomination by the TUM, submission of an independent (!) application to the partner university

Application and Application Documents

Applications for the academic year 2021/22 can be submitted in December 2020.

For your online application, please upload the following documents (max. 10 MB):

  1. Letter of motivation
    in English or the host country’s language
  2. CV and photo
    in English or the host country’s language
  3. All degree records
    (B.Sc. and M.Sc if applicable)
  4. Study program abroad
    Study program abroad including a noncommital list of subjects you intend to take
    (template of a study plan).
  5. Language certificate(s)
    Language certificate(s) (German Abitur, TUM Language Center, private language course, DAAD test of the Language Center ...).
    No TOEFL or IELTS tests required!
    In the event that you are applying to (at maximum) four partner universities in countries with different teaching languages, please upload certificates for all relevant languages as a pdf file. Should you possess additional language certificates in the native language concerned (e.g. Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch etc.), you are welcome to upload them too – it's a plus for you!

Please note:

  • You can only create one application!
  • Be sure to keep the access data of the application – you will need it later.
  • Submit the signed printout of the online application form in MW 2011.

Selection Criteria

  • Progress in studies
  • Language skills
  • Personal qualification – agility, openness and many other qualities including independence. You are expected to take all necessary organizational steps at TUM and the host university (see "checklist") on your own.
  • Intercultural competency
  • Good grades are a plus and even compulsory for certain universities such as Centrale Supélec, ETH Zurich, Imperial College. However, the other criteria are considered more important.


After mailing your application documents and submitting a printout of your application form, your application will be assessed for selection subject to the above criteria. By the end of February at the latest, you will be notified by email whether you have obtained a study place abroad. At the same time, the partner university and the International Center (TUM) will be informed accordingly.

In April or May, you will receive an email from the International Center which summarizes all formalities to be completed prior to / during / after the stay abroad and which provides attached several forms required for the grant of an ERASMUS+ scholarship.

For current forms for the academic year 2018/19 see:

All other information on exchanges will be furnished directly by the partner university.


Please note additional important hints.


If you plan an internship abroad within Europe, this can be financially supported under the ERASMUS+ (SMP) program. The program also promotes theses prepared in other European countries. ERASMUS only offers financial aid, but does not arrange for internships abroad. Applications may be filed any time. Be sure to submit the required records to the Intern Office Weihenstephan at the latest four weeks prior to the start of the internship.

Please access the website of the International Center for applications and key information.


For details see the website of the International Center.

TIME - Double Degree Program

All essentials are included in this flyer.

Important Hints

Recognition of Examination Results

The Master's examination committee readily recognizes supplementary subjects taken at a foreign university provided they come within the scientific-technical area and the subject comprises at least 3 ECTS. For recognition it is irrelevant whether an equivalent subject is also offered in the TUM study program. As far as the recognition of all other subjects is concerned, the examination committee will decide on the basis of previous recognitions (see "Recognitions of other universities"). In case the subject is not included in the listing, the lecturer in charge will decide. The recognition procedure is outlined in the FAQs.

Leave of Absence / Semester Contribution

Contact the Enrolment Office to obtain leave of absence for the duration of your stay abroad. You are not given leave of absence automatically! Along the period of leave you will have to continue payment of the student administration contribution and the basic fee for the semester ticket. Important: Before requesting leave of absence, be sure to read the current regulations of the examination committee.


The ERASMUS+ scholarship includes payment of approx. €200/month depending on the foreign country concerned. Students are exempted from paying tuition fees at the partner university. Language courses may be subsidized with €150. Students from non-EU countries and students staying in Turkey with an ERASMUS scholarship may request a subsidy for visa charges. Besides, special contributions are granted to students with children and to handicapped students.

Other Funding Possibilities

Even if you do not receive BAföG in Germany, you may apply for BAföG Abroad (AuslandsBAföG). Additionally, there exist numerous scholarships scholarships promoting stays abroad.

Preparation – Intercultural Training "Fit for the Exchange"

In preparation of your stay abroad, the TUM Language Center offers various courses on intercultural communication.