Lecturer (assistant)
Duration2 SWS
TermWintersemester 2020/21
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The student will gain the fundamentals in the area of desalination technologies. The lecture will also include heat- and mass-transfer topics relevant for the understanding of the technical concepts behind each system.


One of the biggest challenges for civilization today is the climate and water crisis. Both are strongly interconnected and the full effects on the population can only be imagined: today 1 billion people do not have sufficient access to drinking water, the number of un-served people will undoubtedly increase dramatically. Compared to other water supply solutions, desalination systems are becoming a more economically viable solution for provision of fresh water. Water desalination systems, large or small scale, seem to be the most promising solution to provide fresh water in certain areas. This lecture gives an introduction to desalination technologies, both small and large scale. 1. Introduction Desalination 2. Thermal Desalination (MSF, MED, VC, HD) 3. Small Scale Desalination Systems 4. Membrane Technology (RO, UF) 5. Solar Powered Desalination 6. Environmental Aspects


Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer

Teaching and learning methods

Lecture materials are available in Moodle. Videos of the Lectures will be placed in Moodle / Panopto