The increasingly negative impact of an ever expanding mobility sector is the motivation behind our research in the field of high-efficiency propulsion systems for vehicles on land, sea and in the air. In fact our research subjects come to us from such areas as combustion and thermoacoustics as well as from questions arising from the thermal efficiency, heating and air conditioning of electric vehicles.

Completed Projects

  • Combustion Instabilities in Rocket Engines (experimental research)
  • Development of a Selective Catalytic Reduction System Applicable for Automobiles using Urea as Reducing Agent
  • Development of an integrated multi purpose catalytic system for the continuous removal of diesel particulate matter
  • Diesel injection and combustion study in a rapid compression machine
  • Effects of turbulence-chemistry-interaction on the ignition characteristics of weak stabilised supersonic flames
  • High performing Catalytic System for NOx-Reduction concerning Automotive Diesel Engines
  • Measures for the internal combustion process for an ultra low emissions heavy-duty diesel engine
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) of Nitrogen Oxides for Marine Diesel Engines
  • Self-ignition, flame stabilization and shock-flame-interaction in shock-induced supersonic flames
  • Energy-efficient thermal management of electric vehicles (eperformance)
  • Thermal Management of Subcompact Electric Vehicles
  • Energy Efficient Heat Source-Management During the Initial Heat-up Period of a Vehicle Cabin
  • Investigation of Direct Injection Dual-Fuel Combustion with Flexible Fuel Combinations
  • Prediction of Discharge Temperature and Passengers Comfort for Advanced Climate Control
  • Numerical Investigation of Aero Engine Combustion Noise