Power Systems

The unrestricted availability of environmentally friendly power is the cornerstone of our economic prosperity. The increasing share of renewable power generation and development of long term sustainable power systems has changed the role of combustion-engine based generation capacities from base load production to load balancing, co-production and backup power. Therefore in the current market power manufacturers face the challenge of satisfying ever increasing demands for low emission and high efficiency while at the same time load requirements and fuel flexibility demands have been substantially increased. In addition, the generation of electricity and heat from renewable energy sources and energy storage is growing in importance. Critical issues arising from these new criteria are reflected in our research projects in this area.

Completed Projects

  • Digital Real Time Holography for the Measurements of Velocity and Concentration Fields in Flows Mixers
  • New reducing agent for low-NOx SCR technology: Development of a Reactor for the Conversion of Liquid Reducing Agent (Guanidinium Formiate) to Ammonia
  • The Influence of Thermodynamically Metastable States on Atomization and the Mixing Behavior of Liquid Jets
  • Development and numerical modeling of a sub-ppm-NOx combustion mode
  • Development of a numerical efficient combustion model with the interactions between turbulence and chemistry for LES
  • Development of Pilot Gas Injection-Assissted Ignition [PGI-AI]as firing Concept for Lean-Combustion in Large-Bore Natural Gas-Fueled Engines
  • Einspritzd├╝senauslegungen und Brennraumgeometrien f├╝r ein direkteinspritzendes 2-Ventil-Dieselbrennverfahren
  • Emissions Reduction by Performance and Efficiency Increase of Gas Turbines
  • Fuel Flexible Combustion System
  • Innovative Concept for Efficient Decentral Power Generation - Combination of Pebble-Heater Technology and Microturbine
  • Investigation and Simulation of SOFC
  • Investigation of a gas turbine process with flue gas recirculation for an efficient CO2 reduction
  • Investigation of a novel pre-chamber concept to improve ignition and combustion of lean premixed natural-gas-air mixtures in gas motors
  • NO-Production of partially prevaporized spray flames
  • NOx Production Characteristics of Partially Pre-Vaporized Droplet and Spray Systems under Microgravity
  • NOx Production of Partially Pre-Vaporized Spray Flames
  • Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Ignition and Combustion in Lean Large-Bore Gas Engines
  • Energy Recovery from Chemical Hydrogen Storage by Gas Turbines
  • Experimental Investigation of Water and Steam Injection in Gas Turbine Combustors
  • LES of Reacting Jets
  • Modeling of CO-Formation and -Oxidation in Multi-Burner Systems with Fuel Staging
  • Combustor Dynamics Damping Characterization Through Modeling and Testing
  • Improvement of the Dynamics of Combined Cycle Power Plants by Fuel Processing
  • Thermoacoustic Investigation of Water- and Steam Injected Combustion in Annular Gas Turbine Combustors