Experimental Setups

Setups for Reacting Flows/Combustion


  • Tube burner with air preheater - flame flashback
  • Duct burner - boundary layer flashback in unswirled flows for premixed combustion
  • Swirl burner - flame flashback and emissions in externally and technically premixed flames under wet and dry conditions
  • Hydrogen/ hot air mixer - injection and mixing investigations
  • Full scale combustion chamber - hydrogen combustion investigations
  • Large-scale test rig - reacting jet in vitiated cross flow

High pressure 

  • Combustion test rig - autoignited combustion processes
  • Laminar diffusion flame - high pressure flame radiation

Internal combustion engines

  • Periodical chargeable combustion chamber - ignition and combustion processes in engines
  • 2 rapid compression machines

Further setups   

  • Explosion channel – flame dynamics and acceleration, deflagration-to-detonation transition (DDT) and detonation dynamics
  • Hydrogen storage - continuous catalytic hydrogenation and dehydrogenation of liquid carriers
  • Water channel - flow field and mixing quality of gas turbine burners
  • Parabolic flight setup - NOx generation in spray flames under microgravity conditions

Setups for the Investigation of Thermoacoustic Instabilities

  • Single burner test rig with acoustic excitation - thermoacoustics under dry and wet conditions
  • Annular combustion chamber with acoustic excitation - thermoacoustics of multi-burner arrangements and characterisation of acoustic dampers
  • Two-staged test rig - high-frequency transversal acoustics in sequential combustion chambers    
  • Atmospheric swirl burner - self-excited transversal acoustic modes
  • Setup for the identification of thermoacoustic regenerators
  • Representative rocket engine test rig - aeroacoustic investigations on scattering and damping

Setups for Multiphase Experiments

  • Boiling test rig - subcooled flow boiling close to critical heat flux
  • Horizontal two-phase flow facility - flow regimes, such as plug and slug flows
  • High-pressure cell - Diesel spray injection
  • Test rig for DeNOx SCR technology  


  • Renewable energy desalination - test rigs for humidification/dehumidification, reverse osmosis membranes and modules, membrane distillation and solar stills
  • Solar cooling - absorption and compression chiller test rigs
  • Air-conditioning of battery-run electric cars - test rig for micro-scale condensation and desublimation experiments
  • Heat transfer in porous media - test facility for thermal conductivity measurements of porous media
  • Solar energy systems - tracked photovoltaic plant (heliostat), 40 kW (peak) photovoltaic plant, solar thermal