Measurement Systems


  • 1x Spectra Physics BeamLok 2060 5s Ar-Ion-Laser
  • 2x Spectra Physics Model 2020 Ar-Ion-Laser
  • 2x Coherent Genesis CX Dioden-Laser
  • 2x Lambda Physik Scanmate Farbstofflaser


  • 1x Photron FASTCAM SAX 324K-M2 (12.500 fps @ 1024x1024, max. 1000 kfps)
  • 1x Photron FASTCAM SA5 775K-M2 (7.000 fps @ 1024x1024, max. 775 kfps)
  • 1x Image Intensifier Hamamatsu C10880-03F (max. 200 kHz, min. Gate time 10ns)
  • 2x APX-Camera Systems, each composed of :
    • 1x Processor
    • 1x Photron FASTCAM-ultima APX (2.000 fps @ 1024x1024, max. 120 kfps)
    • 1x Photron FASTCAM-ultima APX I2 (2.000 fps @ 1024x1024, max. 120 kfps, image intensified)
  • 1x Invisible Vision 1850B image intensified
  • 1x LaVision FlameStar (576x384, image intensified)
  • 1x LaVision StreakStar (576x384, image intensified)
  • 1x Kodak EktaPro (4500 fps @ 265x265, max. 40500 fps)
  • 2x Hamamatsu C3500 (PAL, image intensified)
  • 1x PCO FlashCam (756x580)
  • 1x PCO SensiCam (8fps @ 1280x1024)
  • 1x Thermography camera FLIR E50
  • 1x Holography camera RMV50 (50 Megapixel CCD)  

Laser Based Measurement Systems

  • 1x Dantec 2D3C PIV with double pulse Nd:YAG Laser, PIV/PLIF camera
  • 1x Dantec 2-colour 2-component LDA system
  • 1x Dantec PDA system
  • 1x Dantec 2D-LDA system
  • 1x New Wave Pegasus PIV system with double pulse Nd:YAG laser
  • 1x Litron LDY304 20kHz 2D2C PIV system with double pulse Nd:YLF laser
  • 1x Edgewave CX8II-DE/ Sirah Credo 40kHz PLIF system with Nd:YVO4 and dye laser

Acoustic Measurement Systems

  • 1x AN-1003 Hot Wire Anemometry System (A.A. Lab Systems)
  • Various G.R.A.S sound pressure microphones with pre-amplifier and conditioning amplifier
  • Various PCB piezoelectric microphones

Additional Systems

  • 1x Malvern particlesizer
  • 2x gas chromatographs
  • 4x exhaust gas analysers
  • 4x Hamamatsu photomultipliers
  • Setup for impulse holography
  • Setups for Schlieren photography
  • Fiberglass probes and impedance-sensors for vapour content measurements
  • Wire mesh vapour content sensor