The Department Vision
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TUM Department of Mechanical Engineering

Technology for people

Better, more efficient and more forward-looking technology for people. That has been the goal for students and researchers at the Technical University of Munich Department of Mechanical Engineering for more than 150 years.

It was Carl von Linde who invented the forerunner of the refrigerator here. With fascination our graduate, Rudolf Diesel developed his diesel motor. These are two of the many discoveries with which we have changed the world for people. In the future too, we will research more environmentally friendly vehicles and energy technology. We will press ahead with the fourth industrial revolution in the field of production and logistics, and with additive manufacture in medical technology create tailor-made solutions for patients.

As part of a university of excellence, we occupy top places worldwide in rankings for research and teaching. Due to the exceptional quality of the education we provide, our students are much loved by employers. The students learn in an environment which is characterised by creative determination and a love of technology. With numerous spin-off companies, students at the department are part of an entrepreneurial university which researches sustainable, efficient solutions for the people of the future.

Amount of students at the department
on December 1st, 2018
Number 1 of the ranking
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The Department Mission
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Department Mission

The Department of Mechanical Engineering of TUM develops innovative, efficient and sustainable technologies in the service of our society. Excellent and solution-oriented research and teaching put people on center stage, thus bridging the gap between digital and physical world.


Professors taking part in a meeting.
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Degree Courses

There are many possibilites during a degree programm
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Primary Research Areas

Exhibition about 150 year of the department
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