Offers for students and employees:

Gender equality and family

Balancing study, work and family commitments has always been a challenge for everyone concerned. Increasing internationalisation and greater demands for flexibility and mobility have presented harder challenges to those of us with dependents. We wish to offer as much support in this regard as possible, both as an educational facility and employer.

The central contact for offers by the TUM regarding the topic of child care is the Kids, Family and Elder Care Center of TUM.Family.

By setting up the Family Service the TUM has created a facility offering a multitude of services to students and staff with families.

Contact persons are available at all our premises for personal consultations.  

Please contact the Gender Equality Office if you have any questions or requests concerning the Department's offers.

Birth and pregnancy bonus

Payment of a birth and pregnancy bonus to the faculty’s institutes

The institutes of the faculty receive €2,500 per expectant mother and €2,500 for each new father or mother at the institute. The birth and pregnancy bonus is aimed at providing active support to parents in reconciling work and family; to enable them to be more flexible if they have children who require occasional childcare outside of working hours. Expectant mothers are supported in continuing their work despite restrictions during pregnancy and when returning to work after maternity leave.

Possible investments of the birth and pregnancy bonus are:

  • Equipment of a home office
  • Purchase of light laptops
  • Payment of student assistants to support expectant mothers to conduct experimentation
  • Adapted seating furniture or desks
  • Continuing education seminars/coaching
  • Funding of childcare (outside of working hours, dependent on event concerned)
  • etc.

Child and Family Room (MW0807)

A child and family room  was opened at the Department of Mechanical Engineering in November 2011. The room is a facility at the Department for mothers and fathers (or temporary caregivers or guardians) looking for a quiet corner with their little ones for playing, eating, changing nappies, sleeping or working - regardless of whether they are students, staff or guests. Expectant mothers are also welcome if they need to rest.

Gaps in childcare occuring for example at evening events which come up from time to time and take place outside the normal opening hours of childcare facilities are to be closed thereby. The room can also be used by babysitters you organise yourself (e.g. fellow students, colleagues or staff from R.U.F.).


  • comfortable seating area
  • work area
  • playing corner and toys
  • baby cost warmer
  • changing table
  • wash-basin
  • microwave oven

Access and card activation

Prior registration is not necessary and the keycard can be borrowed at any time at the gate. If you wish to use the room regularly, we recommend that you get your student or staff card, your mensa card or another type of Legic card activated to allow access to the room. Please complete the Activation Application Form and send it to Dieter Grimm.

Child and Family Room

Room MW 0807 is situated in Building 8 of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Access is via the side entrance to the right of StuCafe Boltzmannstrasse (see plan of building). You can find the application for activation of your Legic card to access the Department of Mechanical Engineering's Child and Family Room here. Please hand in the completed application form at the Gender Equality Office or send it via e-mail to Dieter Grimm.

Flexible Childcare

Apart from the Child and Family Room at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Informatics and Mathematics provides flexible childcare on the Garching Campus.

A small fee of 3 Euro per hour for students and 5 Euro per hour for staff is charged and paid in the form of vouchers (Wertmarken).

Please contact or phone +49 89 289 16808 for further information or childcare booking.

Childcare in an emergency

"Emergency childcare" is a service provided by the Department of Mechanical Engineering should your regular childcare be canceled or is not available due to the opening hours of child daycare facilities, e.g. if lectures or events take place after 5 pm or at the weekend (although this should be avoided on account of family friendliness, see If this should arise, please send an e-mail to the Gender Equality Office or to the Gender Equality Officer.

If the day on which childcare is required is less than a working week away, please phone the office. After application has been made and agreed, the Gender Equality Office will organize childcare by informing Informatics who will in turn request R.U.F to find a carer. In such cases, R.U.F. guarantees a reaction time of less than two working days. In the case of emergency childcare, the department will carry the full cost.