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Structure and Responsibilities at the Department of Mechanical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering is headed by the Dean and his deputies who are responsible for allocating resources, and by the Dean of Studies who is in charge of the organization and advancement of study courses.

The current Deans


The professors of the faculty are responsibly engaged in research and teaching in their professorships. Their independence is guaranteed in Art. 5 GG (German Basic Law) which warrants freedom of research and teaching.

List of professors at the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department Council

What is the Department Council?

Headed by the Dean, the Department Council is the central decision-making body of a faculty. It takes all fundamental decisions affecting the faculty and which are beyond the scope of the Dean, Dean of Studies or other faculty bodies such as examination committees. In addition, the Department Council serves as a central communication platform enabling an exchange of information and opinions between representatives of the different groups of department members.

If you want more detail, here are the legal foundations: The rules for composition, competencies and operation of the Council are laid down in Art. 31 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act (BayHSchG) and in the TUM Charter (GOTUM). Tasks, rights and obligations of the Dean are outlined in Art. 28 of BayHSchG.


What does the Department Council do?
The Department Council at the TUM Department of Mechanical Engineering is responsible, for instance, for treating and/or deciding on the following issues:

  • Regulations governing exams and studies relating to mechanical enginering and the Munich School of Engineering
  • Assigning teaching positions to external persons
  • Election of representatives of the Dean (Vice Dean), election of the Dean of Studies, the Women's Representative of the faculty, the members of the examination committee
  • Acceptance of doctoral applications and post-doctoral dissertations at the faculty and setting up relevant examination committees
  • Establishment of new professorships and deciding on the composition of appointments committees
  • Dealing with academic affairs such as honorary doctorates, assistant professors (Privatdozenten), honorary professorships, adjuncts at the faculty


What is the basic composition of the Department Council?
At the TUM Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department Council consists of up to 27 members. In addition, a few guests may take part in the council meetings.

  • 22 elected members:
    At the annual elections which usually take place at TUM in June, representatives of all member groups in the faculty are elected to the Department Council. In view of the size of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Basic Order (GOTUM) stipulates double the number of representatives per group as mentioned in Art. 31 of BayHSchG. This means election of
    • 12 members from the group of professors;
    • 4 members from the group of scientific staff;
    • 2 members from the group of non-scientific staff;
    • 4 members from the students' group.
    Each term of office starts at the beginning of an academic year, i.e. on 1 October. Students' representatives are elected for a period of one year and those of all other groups for three years. (So-called major elections were held in 2010, 2013, 2016...).
  • 5 members on account of their responsibilities:
    Some persons are members of the Department Council on account of their responsibilities:
    • the Dean;
    • the two Vice Deans;
    • the Dean of Studies;
    • the Women's Representative of the faculty.
  • Guests:
    Currently a certain group of people may attend the Department Council meetings as permanent but non-voting guests: the elected deputies of the Women's Representatives of the faculty and 1 - 2 doctoral candidates from the Graduates Center Mechanical Engineering.

Your contacts in the Department Council

Women's Representatives and Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunity

The Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunity of the Department is the central contact point for all issues concerning equality, diversity, discrimination, promotion of women and family friendliness at the department.

The office deals, among other things, with the measures for implementing our diversity goals, which were originally agreed upon with the university management in 2012 and are currently being adapted.


  • Support of the Department's Women's Representative
  • Conception, planning, coordination and organisation of activities
  • Counselling, support and supervision of students or departmental staff
  • Department policy advice and monitoring of processes and structures
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting on diversity measures
  • Press and public relations work for gender and diversity issues
  • Participation in the TUM Equality Conference

High priority is given to measures that promote diversity and equal opportunities in all qualification levels at our faculty. An optimal infrastructure should be created for students and employees, regardless of gender or individual living situation, and for students and employees with supervisory responsibilities, conditions should be created that are adapted to their needs.

If you would like to be regularly informed about the activities of the Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunity and would like to network around the topics of equal opportunities, diversity and compatibility on the Garching campus, please send an e-mail to In coordination with the pandemic measures, there will be a "diversity jour fixe" again from the winter semester 2020/21 onwards, where you will receive up-to-date information on the topic and can also get involved if you wish.

Your Women's Representative and contact persons in the Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunity.

Personnel-related, detailed information, links and services on the topic of equal opportunities and diversity among MW-Personal.

Detailed study-related information, links and services on the topic of equal opportunities and diversity can be found under studies and current students.

IT and Information Officer

The IT Services Center of the Department of Mechanical Engineering will support you in all IT questions applying directly at a faculty level and which are not linked to a Chair. In addition, the center provides IT services for chairs and professorships which do not have their own IT personnel. Besides, the center administers cross-faculty software.

Information Officer

The Information Officer (IO) coordinates the use of IT at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The IO advises individual Chairs and institutes on the development of an efficient IT configuration. The campus-wide coordination of IT is the responsibility of the CIO/IO panel in which the IO represents the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The IO is actively involved in the development and implementation of new centralized IT services.

Your contacts in IT and as Information Officer IO

Department Management

The Department Management assists the Dean in academic self-administration and coordinates administrative processes in the Department.


  • Assisting the Dean in academic self-administration (preparing matters for the Dean, supervising Board meetings)
  • Coordination of administrative processes in the department
  • Supervision of appeals procedures
  • Personnel management
  • Supervision of long-term developments

Contact data of the Department Management


The section "Infrastructure" deals with academic affairs such as honorary doctorates and honorary professorships, teaching assignments, awards and prizes and departmental events. Furthermore, this section assists the Dean in building administration and associated authorizations.


  • Associate professorships (permissions to teach - "Privatdozenturen")
  • Extraordinary professorships
  • Teaching assignments
  • Honorary professorships
  • Honorary doctorates
  • Faculty events and dates (Department Day, Colleagues meet Colleagues, Inaugural Lectures)
  • Elections and university elections

Your contact for infrastructure issues

Student Office

The Student Office is the central contact point for prospective and current students for all questions concerning studying at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. It advises on the admission procedure and industrial internship, on the study programmes in Mechanical Engineering, on studying abroad and on the organisation of studies and examinations. In addition, it administers the courses of study, organises the study programme, takes care of the entire administration of grades and examinations and manages the study grants. It is the contact person for department management, professorships and other university institutions for all questions concerning study development, study and examination planning and organisation.

Its tasks:

  • Strategy development in the area of "Studies and Teaching
  • Coordination of study-related topics between the faculty and other university institutions
  • Creation and amendment of subject examination and study regulations as well as the associated statutes and guidelines
  • Modelling of study programmes in TUMonline
  • Examination administration
  • Management of study grants
  • Quality assurance and further development of the range of courses
  • Study and test-related statistics
  • Marketing for study matters
  • Admission procedure for Bachelor and Master programmes
  • Internship Office
  • Student advisory service
  • Legally binding advice for students on exam-related issues
  • Exchange programs

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Quality Management and Controlling

The Quality Management and Controlling section coordinates the introduction and advancement of a quality management system in the Central Services unit of the Department. A further key task of this section is to maintain a comprehensive reporting system for the Department and to carry out budget planning based on the reports.


  • Implementation and development of a quality management system
  • Budget planning
  • Accounting
  • Reporting

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Central Teaching Unit

Graduate Center Mechanical Engineering (FGZ MW)

This Center is a key contact in all matters concerning the further development of female doctoral candidates. To create an environment that is near to ideal for this group of students, we are assisting the Chairs and specialist institutes of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. We are developing concepts that are targeted to meet the specific requirements of engineers. In the case of departmental events, it is our task to promote networking within and without the Department.

Your contacts at the Graduate Center Mechanical Engineering (FGZ MW)

FGZ MW website


Center of Key Competencies

The Center of Key Competencies (ZSK) is a professional partner engaged in the further development of key competencies on the Garching campus. Its objectives are to broaden the interdisciplinary competencies of mechanical engineering students. We are offering trainings in teamwork, project work, creativity and management processes. Owing to these social, method and personality trainings, a truly comprehensive engineering education is provided.

Your contacts in the ZSK

ZSK website