The Women's Representatives and Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunity of the Department

Women's Representative

Women's Representative Deputies

Equal Opportunity Office & Position for Diversity at TUM Mechanical Engineering

Lene Ihrig
+49 (0)89 289 - 15633


Anonymous Contact for the Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunity

You can also contact the Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunity via anonymous contact form.

Other contact persons

Further contact persons at the TUM

For diversity and family matters relating to the TUM in general, please contact Dr. Eva Sandmann, the TUM Gender Equality Officer or the Equal Opportunity Office. Dr. Annette Spiekermann is the Equal Opportunity Officer responsible for scientific staff.

For staff

Members of staff who have questions or concerns relating to disability should contact one of the Disabled Persons Officers and Norbert Flade, the designated representative for students with disabilities.

In the case of chronic or psychological illnesses please contact Dr. Petra Rank, the medical officer responsible for the Garching Campus.

For students

If you have a question or concern relating to disability, chronic or psychological illness, please contact Dr. Ingrid Mayershofer, our contact person for student services.

You can find detailed information, links and services on the subject of gender equality, family and women for employees under MW-Personal and for student under Studies.