How many soft skills credits must I earn during my Bachelor's degree course?

Bachelor's degree students require 2 soft skills credits.

As a Bachelor student, it is compulsory for you to participate in the key competencies for the beginning of your studies during the first semester of your degree course and for this you will receive the requisite 2 soft skills credits. 

Optionally you can choose to take part in the project seminar during the 5th semester.

How many soft skills credits must I earn during my Master's degree course?

Master's degree students require 2 soft skills credits. Please inform yourself about our offers for master students.

Master students also require 3 credits for the seminar 'Scientific research in practice' in addition to the 2 soft skills credits.

When will my credits appear on TUMonline?

Your credits will be entered on TUMonline at the latest by the end of the current semester (last day of the lecture-free period). Please do not make any e-mail inquiries before that date. Should credits not appear on TUMonline by the beginning of the new semester, please contact the lecturer who held the workshop or event.

What types of recognition are there?

Criteria for the recognition of achievements for Bachelor students beginning their studies from winter semester 12/13 and Master students beginning their studies from winter semester 13/14:

With the introduction of the new examination and study regulations for the Master's degree programme in Mechanical Engineering (as of 15 March 2013) and the Bachelor's degree programme in Mechanical Engineering (as of 4 June 2012), the courses are to be selected from those offered by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Centre for Key Competences). A recognition of learning outcomes is only possible for

  • Bachelor students who have changed from a course of study according to the old examination regulations to a course of study according to the new examination regulations.
  • Master's students who have completed their soft skills studies at the Carl von Linde Academy, at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University of Munich or at the ZSK by 30.09.2013.

Criteria for the recognition of key competence achievements for Master students starting their studies at WS 19/20:

There must be no significant difference between the learning outcomes of the completed course and those of the target course. I.e.: the competences achieved must be equivalent in content and level to the desired competences of the faculty in the field of soft skills (see module descriptions). The courses in which competences to be recognised have been acquired must make use of interactive teaching and learning methods (no lecture). The content, scope and form of teaching/learning of the course must be documented in writing. Automatic double utilisation of achievements in several degree programmes (Bachelor's, Master's) is excluded. Only learning outcomes that contribute to the respective level or qualification profile of the respective Master's programme can be recognised. Pure activity (e.g. tutoring) does not lead to recognition.

How do I apply for recognition?

If you wish study in the area of soft skills to be recognized, you must request this as part of the acceptance procedure carried out by the appropriate examination body.

If the acceptance procedure relates to a Bachelor's degree course, please contact the Bachelor Examination Board. If the acceptance procedure concerns a Master's degree course, please contact the Master Examination Board. There you can obtain a form which lists your soft skills study. Please make an appointment with Amelie Zauner.  Go there with the form from the examination body and the certificate of attendance for the workshop, seminar or other study opportunity to be recognized, including a description of the study carried out. After your visit to the Center for Key Competencies, we will check your application, inform you of the outcome of the recognition procedure by e-mail and send the results to the examination body which will then, if appropriate, enter your credits on TUMonline.

What happens if I am not able to take part in a workshop, seminar, etc?

It is possible to cancel your registration in good time (as a rule up to one week before the beginning of the study session) on TUMonline. Please note: Due to the imminent examination character of the workshop, seminar or other study opportunity, your registration is not just for participation but also for the examination. If you do not turn up for the examination or do not cancel your registration for it within the deadline, you will be marked as having failed. In the case of illness, a medical certificate is required. Please hand this in as soon as possible to the ZSK Office.

How many soft skills credits do I get as a workshop-trainer?

By working as a workshop trainer, you will receive all the credits necessary for your Master's degree course. (The number varies from course to course.)

Becoming a tutor: When will the next training courses take place?

The first part of the training course (Module A) will take place in an external seminar center. Module B, the second part, will be held at the Center for Key Competences in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Module A


Module B


As a workshop-trainer, you are required to attend all training sessions (Modules A and B). The training course is free of charge.

Becoming a workshop trainer: How many participants would I look after as a workshop trainer?

A workshop trainer supervises a set group of 12 to 15 Bachelor students.