Student initiatives

As part of your association work, you can acquire key competences at the ZSK. We support you in existing programs or design a series of workshops for your association.

Soft skills in student clubs


Soft skills in student clubs

Contact: Jana Schmid
Content and goals:
  • The students learn how to integrate new members into the association and how to lead their work together with other members to success.
  • The students deal with the current conditions in the association and work together on future strategies, goals and values.
  • The workshops take place as "in-house" training of the student associations, this means: The students all belong to the student association and work together within the association life on a topic area.
  • In consultation with the ZSK, the contact persons of the student associations select the contents for the workshops themselves from the catalogue of offers. These are then individually adapted to the target group. Translated with 

Possible topics:

  • team
  • leadership
  • moderation
  • creativity
  • Present
  • motivation
  • communication
  • networking
  • conflict
  • self-management
Conditions: You will receive 2 ECTS in the field of soft skills.
Registration: Please register by e-mail Susanne Lösel and indicate your club.

FSMB Buddy Program

Name: Soft skills in the buddy program
Contact: Amelie Zauner
Content and goals:


The faculty of mechanical engineering organizes a care program for foreign students at our faculty to enable them a pleasant and carefree stay. We expect more than 300 exchange students per year. Therefore, buddies and exchanges will be guided over a semester.

The ZSK supports the program through various events:

  • My goals / development in the buddy program
  • Collaboration in international project teams with City Bound
  • Intercultural communication
  • Systematic networking Graduation Reflection World Café
Conditions: You will receive 2 ECTS in soft skills for participating in all events.
Registration: Plese apply here register for the course TUM-online.


We support the environmental department of ASTA in establishing the new lecture series "Sustainability at Campus Garching".

Contact persons: Amelie Zauner and Luise Poetzsch
Content and goals:
  • Acting as moderator
  • Didactic planning of events
  • Discussion methods in large and small groups
  • rhetoric
General conditions: For the lecture series followed by a large group discussion, ASTA members attend a 2-day moderator training course with trainers from the Centre for Key Competences. For the first events, the ZSK is available for advice and support.
Links: Page of AStA environmental department