About us.

The Center of Key Competencies is a professional service on the Garching campus.

The aim of the center is to help students at the Department of Mechanical Engineering to develop interdisciplinary competences. We offer training in topics such as team work, project work, creativity and management processes. Through this social, method and personality training, the Department of Mechanical Engineering provides truly comprehensive study courses.

Our Areas of Competence:


Take a look at your personal development. You will discover your individuality and what effect it will have on your future development. You will also develop a sophisticated ability to reflect in order to be able to make informed decisions.


Get to know your fellow human beings better! Learn how to show understanding when dealing with other people and how to react in a way which is appropriate to the situation in question.


Develop the ability to integrate an effective and efficient way of working into your professional life through the right choice of action, planning and the use of specific techniques.