Quality management of our courses

All our courses are evaluated by the students, which enables us to derive continuous improvement measures. At the beginning of the semester break, we conduct further development workshops for our courses on the basis of the evaluation results. Detailed information on the evaluation criteria and the evaluation procedure at the Faculty can be found on the website of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Inform yourself about the current results. For further questions please contact Luise Poetzsch.

Winter semester 2018/19

In WS 18/19, the events of the ZSK were rated positively with an average grade of 1.46.

The multiplier training to become a workshop trainer or workshop coach ended with an excellent grade of 1.3 and 1.1 respectively. Our Master Workshops also maintain a similarly high level and achieved an overall grade of 1.42. The cooperation with chairs or business partners as well as the intensive workshops achieved an average grade of 1.5.

The seminar "Scientific Work" achieved a slightly more positive result compared to the SS18 with an overall grade of 2.5.

Summer semester 2018

On average, the events of the Centre for Key Competences in summer semester 2018 were rated 1.5. The Master's workshops and exclusive offerings are maintained at a level of 1.48. The offer of corporate cooperations is rated particularly positively at 1.25, while regular Master's workshops achieve an average of 1.43. The newly created offer of the ZSK Intensive Workshops was also very well received, with a high number of participants and a value of 1.35.

The seminar "Scientific Work" is rated with a 3.0 in midfield. In the coming academic year, a clearer separation of Bachelor's and Master's courses will ensure clarity and a corresponding improvement.

Winter semester 2017/18

In the Bachelor's programme, the new format "Start to study" achieved a satisfactory overall grade of 2.2. We were particularly pleased that the associated multiplier training courses for workshop trainers and workshop coaches scored 1.1 and 1.0 respectively.

We are very pleased to be able to improve our Master's training continuously. Master workshops and exclusive offers together achieve an average grade of 1.45. The newly created individual focus is rated at 2.25 (large group 2.1 and eLearning 2.4). This confirms our decision to abolish the lecture "Success factor key competences".

The new concept for "Scientific Work" has also started its first run. With a grade of 2.5, an improvement over the previous semesters is already evident.

Summer semester 2017

Thank you very much for all the evaluations that we received in the summer semester 2017. In the project semester of the Garching tutorial system, tutees are rated with an average score of 2.8 and the tutors with 1.7. The third part of the tutor's training was rated with 1.6.

In the Master, the results of the Master's workshops and the exclusive offers are available with a total score of 1.6. We were particularly pleased with the positive evaluation of our pilot event for the large group courses with 1.4. We look forward to expanding these courses in the winter semester. The newly created "Individual Focus" consists of a large group course or an E-learning and replaces the lecture, which was rated 2.5.

The new concept for the course "Scientific work", with the new bachelor program of Mechanical Engineering, is now being put into practice and we are eager to see if we can improve the grade of 2.75 in the next semester.

Ernst Otto Fischer Award for Excellence in Teaching.

In July 2013, the Centre for Key Competences was awarded the Ernst Otto Fischer Teaching Prize for the Soft Skills Workshops concept in the Master's programme. The Ernst Otto Fischer Teaching Prize is aimed at lecturers at the Technical University of Munich who wish to develop and implement an innovative teaching concept. The teaching prize promotes new ideas and provides the financial prerequisites necessary to implement the teaching concept.