Working Group Key Competencies Bavaria

The Working Group Key Competencies Bavaria is an association of various universities and colleges to promote a high-quality event offer for students in the field of "Personality development in interdisciplinary competences and general knowledge".

So far, the working group consists of 31 participants representing 15 different universities and colleges in Bavaria. The members belong to the Centers for Key Competencies and Studium Generale, as well as the Centers for Careers and Competencies and Career Service Facilities of the various institutions.

The main goal of the Working Group Key Competencies Bavaria is to promote exchange among the institutions in order to inform themselves about new developments and to facilitate professional development through mutual knowledge of the offers.

Once a semester, the working group meets to deepen new topics of personality development. Moreover to discuss topics of interdisciplinary competences and to exchange Best Practice examples.

Working Group meeting

6th meeting - April 2019 at the Nuremberg Tech

Focus: Service teaching and learning with an impulse lecture "Generation Z(+Y)" by Sarah Heiden M.A.

Work on topics

Topic 1: Key competences through peer qualification for student teaching and consultation with Ms Janine Näder, Ms Dzifa Vode and Ms Viktoria Kaufmann

Topic 2: University certificate DigKom - a special qualification programme to promote digital skills at THN with Ms Thu Van Le Thi

Topic 3: Integration of key competences in teaching: SK-Plus and Writing-Fellows with Mr. Joe Klärner and Ms. Dzifa Vode

5th meeting - Oktober 2018 at the FAU

Main topic: Key competences for studies and profession with a keynote lecture "Superficial teaching offers as supplement or extension to studies" by Dr. Katrin Götz-Votteler, Dr. Simone Hespers

Work in workshops

A) "Promotion of Personality Competencies in Higher Education" with Dr. Daniela Bernhardt

B) "Scientific reflection at the FAU. On knowledge production and responsibility" with Dr. Sebastian Schuol.

C) "Intercultural Competence as Key Qualification for Studies and Profession" with Dr. Wolfram Ridder

Report from the annual conference of the Gesellschaft für Schlüsselkompetenzen in Lehre, Forschung und Praxis e. V. with Mrs. Heike Kröpke; Chairwoman of the Gesellschaft für Schlüsselkompetenzen in Lehre, Forschung und Praxis e. V. (Society for Key Competences in Teaching, Research and Practice)

4th meeting - March 2018 at the Technical University of Munich

Main topic: Assessment of Key Competencies - Analog vs. Digital?! with a keynote lecture "Assessment with Digital Media in Teaching: Didactic Concepts, Shapes, Practical Examples" by Elvira Cyranka

Work in Workshops

A) "Use of didactically meaningful eLearning formats" with Mrs. Elvira Cyranka

B) "Moodle as a tool" with Mrs. Tamaris Pohl and Mrs. Luise Poetzsch

C) "Academic Performance ePortfolio" with Susanne Lösel


3rd meeting - June 2017 at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich


Main topic: Digitization with a keynote speech "Digitalisation - What does digitization mean for the development of key competences?" by Mr. Roman Neumann

Work in Workshops

A) "Handling knowledge and information" with Dr. med. Götz-Votteler and Dr. Ing. Hespers

B) "Service Learning" with Mrs. Silvia Roderus

C) "Diversity" with Mrs. Kathrin S. Trump

2nd meeting - February 2017 at the University of Passau


Main topic: Key competences with a keynote lecture "Key competences - what is meant by them" by Prof. Dr. med. Paul

Work in workshops

A) "New topics" with Prof. Dr. med. Stief

B) "Sustainable Formats/Concepts" with Dr. med. minstrel

C) Exchange on lecturers with Mr. Friedl

1st meeting - June 2016 at the University of Passau

Main topic: Getting to know each other with ideas of the parties and best practice examples.

Participants from Universities