The CISM Advanced Course "Metal Additive Manufacturing: Fundamentals, Modeling, Materials, and Implementation” will take place at the International Centre for Mechanical Science (CISM) in Udine, Italy from October 18 - 22. The course will be offered in hybrid form, i.e.,... [mehr]

Prof. Wolfgang A. Wall has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant for his project "BREATHE - Unlocking vital mysteries in respiratory biomechanics". [mehr]

Another webinar at the renowned International Centre for Mechnical Science (CISM) will take place on December 7, 9 and 10, 2020, coordinated by Prof. Wolfgang A. Wall: International scientists will lecture on a broad range of "Advanced Topics in Computational Mechanics". For... [mehr]

The upcoming week, Prof. Bernhard A. Schrefler and Prof. Wolfgang A. Wall organize a webinar at the prestigious International Centre for Mechanical Science (CISM) on "Computational Biomechanics - Advanced Models and Methods". For registration and further information:... [mehr]

A press announcement of the Technical University of Munich today, highlights our research on the development of a computational lung model that supports and enables better mechanical ventilation strategies of patients with acute lung failure. See the press announcement here: ... [mehr]

Many scientific disciplines are essential in fighting the Corona virus and reducing the number of fatalities. The Institute for Computational Mechanics & Center for Computational Biomedical Engineering, headed by Prof. Wall, together with the TUM-spinoff company Ebenbuild... [mehr]

Martin R. Pfaller received the Dissertation Award of the Association of German Engineers (VDI). He graduated from TUM / LNM with a Ph.D. in 2019 and is currently a Postdoc at Stanford University. The award is given annually to scientists from the broad field of engineering. Dr.... [mehr]

At the yearly commencement day, the "Tag der Fakultät Maschinenwesen", Dr.-Ing. Philipp Farah was awarded the RENK Antriebstechnik Förderpreis for his thesis entitled "Mortar Methods for Computational Contact Mechanics Including Wear and General Volume Coupled Problems". This... [mehr]

Congratulations to Dr.-Ing. Sophie Hobrack (nee Rausch), who has recently been appointed Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich in the department for Mechanical, Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering. Dr. Rausch finished her PhD with the title "Computational... [mehr]