Computational Solid and Fluid Dynamics

Course for the 5th semester students of the Bachelor program "Engineering Science (MSE)"


The module "Computational Solid and Fluid Dynamics" is structured in two parts and gives an introduction to the numerical treatment of engineering problems in the area of solid and fluid mechanics. The first part (Computational Solid Dynamics) is taught by Dr-Ing. C. Meier, the second part (Computational Fluid Dynamics) by Dr.-Ing. X. Hu (Institute of Aerodynamics).

Contents (of the 1st part, Computational Solid Dynamics)

  • Fundamentals of continuum mechanics: derivation of the equations of solid mechanics.
  • Modelling and simulation is solid mechanics.
  • Introduction to the Finite Element Method (FEM).
  • FEM for 3D/2D solids (static regime): General theory, formulation and implementation.
  • Numerical aspects of FEM: Numerical integration, shape functions, convergence, locking.
  • FEM for 3D/2D solids (dynamic regime): Overview of time integration methods.

Lecture WS 2019/20

The next edition of "Computational Solid and Fluid Dynamics" will be offered in the winter term 2019/20. The tentative place and time for the lecture is

  • Monday, 15:00-17:15
  • Room 5414.EG.001 (ZEI - Zentrum für Energie und Information)
  • First lecture on Monday, 14th October 2019

Exam WS 2019/20

  • Time and date will be announced here.
  • The lecturer room will be announced here.
  • You are allowed to bring with you: a non-programmable calculator (and a dictionary).
  • The exam will be written in English.


  • The module is taught in English.
  • Exercises and computer labs are integrated in the lessons.
  • Class material (Lückenskript) will be available in advance.
  • To download class material and to see recent announcement, please visit Moodle.
  • Further questions to Dr-Ing. C. Meier.