In der vierten Ausgabe der LPL news können Sie zahlreiche Artikel über Lehre, Projekte und Forschung am Lehrstuhl für Produktentwicklung und Leichtbau finden. LPL news 4 (2019_2) [mehr]

Congratulations to Rebento! After delivering an amazing pitch at the pitch competition of TUM Entrepreneurship Day on June 24th, Rebento was able to convince the audience. With an applause volume of 108dB the audience decided that the 2.000€ price money should go to our alumni... [mehr]

Hawa Dawa is coming home! The Alumni Team from THINK.MAKE.START. #1 started a new pilot project with the NordAllianz Metropolregion München Nord. 35 air quality sensor boxes will be installed in eight communialities north of Munich - including Garching, where it all began. The... [mehr]

On June 24th we were honored to welcome Prof. Steve Ahn from KAIST (Korea) at LPL. The former Engineer and Entrepreneur gave a talk on his path from being an engineer in the seminconductor industry to founding his own company Leadis Technology, a successful IPO four years later,... [mehr]

Am 13. Juni feierte der Lehrstuhl für Prodktentwicklung und Leichtbau sein jährliches Sommerfest. Eingeladen waren neben den Mitarbeitern auch alle Studierenden, die im Rahmen von Studienarbeiten oder wissenschaftlichen Hilfstätigkeiten mit dem Lehrstuhl verbunden sind. Bei bestem... [mehr]

From June 3rd to 5th a group of LPL researchers took part in a Systems Engineering (SE) crash course at the consultancy firm Unity AG, one of only three companies in Germany that may offer treainings for the official INCOSE/GfSE SE certificate. Besides a theoretical summary of the... [mehr]

After only two weeks of hard work, five TMS teams applied for prototyping grants by the Initiative for Industrial Innovators. Last week, the jury announced that our three TMS winners Angsa, Briq and Reversed will receive additional funds for their projects.  We congratulate them... [mehr]