Neuer Mitarbeiter am Lehrstuhl


Der Lehrstuhl für Produktentwicklung und Leichtbau begrüßt Herrn Dr. Anand Vazhapilli Sureshbabu als neuen wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter:

“I am a Robotics hardware specialist who did his doctorate at the Italian Institute of Technology and the University of Genova in Italy. I worked on the design of cost-efficient polymer components for humanoid robots, specializing in hands but not limited to just that. I have been working in the field of robotics in various capacities for the past decade, having obtained a scholarship with the Erasmus Mundus program EMARO (European Master in Advanced Robotics) and consequently getting a double master from the Warsaw University of Technology in Poland and École Centrale de Nantes in France. I have worked in building components for two of the most famous humanoid robots: the iCub from the Italian Institute of Technology and the Pepper from Softbank Robotics. I want to focus on lightweight polymer design specializing in humanoid robotics and prosthesis in my time here in the TU.”