Individualized Orthoses/Exoskeletons

Project title

Individualized Orthoses/Exoskeletons


Ergonomic joints, shells and cushions


M.Sc. Christina Hein (wiss. Mitarbeiter)


Orthoses (for injuries) and exoskeletons (neurological diseases or force enhancement)

Research topic

Automated construction and production of wearable structures considering anthropometric variances

State of the art

Orthoses in regular sizes or manual processing of individual shells

Drawbacks of the State of the Art

High interaction forces and pressure marks for non-optimal fitting structures
Expensive handcrafted production


Body dimensions, 3D-Scan and tracking of movements
Mathematical modelling of joint’s trajectories and individualized shells
Production using additive manufacturing (e.g. Selective Laser Sintering)

Current Results

Processes and mathematical models for the production for prototypes with improved pressure distribution