The Center for International Medical Engineering - MedTech OneWorld was founded in 2017 by the current heads Markus Eblenkamp and Fabian Jodeit. The center bundles and uses know-how for the implementation of international medical technology R&D projects, above all, but not exclusively, for emerging and developing countries and with a focus on medical plastics engineering. The projects are characterized by

- cooperation at eye level with local partners
- solutions tailored to regional conditions and needs
- frugal innovations
- sustainability

These projects are the central elements of our innovative teaching format Project-Oriented International Student EDucation POISED with the aim of training highly qualified and internationalized graduates as high-performing employees of the future.

In 2018 MedTech OneWorld initiated the student group MedTech OneWorld Students, meanwhile a steadily growing and largely self-organizing group of highly skilled and motivated students, which is sustainably supported by the parent institution MedTech OneWorld.

Markus Eblenkamp
Fabian Jodeit

Current Locations


  • Location: Garching (Munich)
  • Headquarter
  • Partners: TUM Center for Global Health, TUM international GmbH
  • Focus: Medical Plastics Engineering
  • Coordinator: Dr. Markus Eblenkamp


  • Partners: TUM Asia, TUMCREATE, Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Focus: Medical Additive Plastics Engineering
  • Coordinator: Stefanie Ficht, M.Sc.


  • Location: Addis Ababa
  • Partners: Tegbare-id PTC, GIZ, Cheshire Services Ethiopia
  • Focus: Medical Plastics Engineering for Lower Limb Prostheses
  • Coordinator: Fabian Jodeit, M.Sc.


  • Location: Cambridge (Boston)
  • Partners: MIT, Small Medical Device Lab
  • Focus: Medical Plastics Engineering for Soft Robotics
  • Coordinator: Dominik Gau, M.Sc.



2nd Singaporean-German Symposium in Bangkok (19 September 2019)

After last year's premiere in Singapore, MedTech in cooperation with Messe Düsseldorf organized the 2nd Singaporean-German Symposium on Medical Plastics Engineering on 19 September 2019 as a guest symposium within the T-PLAS fair in Bangkok, Thailand. Particular attention was paid to antimicrobial plastics, additive plastics technology and sustainable plastics engineering. The event was an excellent opportunity to expand our network with Southeast Asian and German partners from science and industry as part of the MedTech OneWorld initiative.


Visit of the Ethiopian Delegation (26 July 2019)

Organized by the GIZ, together with the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, the TUM International Center and the OTH Amberg-Weiden we had the honour to welcome an Ethiopian delegation with representatives of important Ethiopian academic institutions on September 26, 2019. The aim was the exchange on the topic of integrated higher education.


Visit of Philip Yeo and his Team (28 June 2019)

Philip Yeo, one of the most influential people in Singapore's scientific landscape, and his team from Advanced MedTech and Dornier MedTech were our guests. We had a very inspiring exchange of ideas about joint R&D activities in Singapore and Germany.


1st Ethiopian - German Networking Days on Medical Technology (16 April 2019)

From 15 to 17 April 2019 TUM MedTech OneWorld in cooperation with the Tegbare-id Polytechnic College and the GIZ organized the 1st Ethiopian - German Networking Days on Medical Technology, including the 1st African - German Symposium on Medical Plastics Engineering. 70 Ethiopian and German participants from academia, business and politics took part in the Networking Days, which were extremely instructive for all participants with honest insights into the possibilities of medical and plastics technology in Ethiopia. Thus, the foundations for a sustainable network for medical technology in general and for medical plastics technology in particular were laid in Addis Ababa.


MedTech OneWorld, Tegbare-id Polytechnic College and GIZ sign MoU (15 April 2019)

In the presence of the Bavarian Minister-President Markus Söder, Markus Eblenkamp and Fabian Jodeit signed a Memorandum of Understanding between TUM MedTech OneWorld, GIZ and TVET/Tegbare-id Polytechnic College in Addis Ababa on 15 April to create the basis for a future cooperation in the field of medical and plastics technology.


Radio Report Prosthesis Development in Ethiopia (19 March 2019)

WDR 5 Quarks - Prothesis for Ethiopia by Katharina Nickoleit (07.03.2019)



Newspaper article on prosthesis development in Ethiopia (17 March 2019)


Symposium on Medical Plastics Engineering (10 October 2018)

Plastics technology plays a key role in creating innovative medical products. Although the basic technologies used are of a general nature and are applied in all economic sectors, numerous specific aspects must be taken into account in medical technology that make medical plastics technology particularly challenging. This "Medical Delta" of plastics technology for the manufacture of medical products was the focus of the symposium and was elaborated by experts from renowned institutions. The essential elements of the process chain for the production of medical plastic components were taken into account: Raw materials, processing technologies, surface technology, regulatory affairs.

In addition, the symposium was to serve as the kick-off event for a permanent joint initiative and formation of international cooperation clusters on medical plastics engineering in Singapore. The aim was to bring together Southeast Asian and German industrial and scientific partners with their employees and students to carry out joint R&D projects, medical technology product developments and international training.

Welcome Words (Dr. Markus Eblenkamp, Chairman) 


Congress Zukunftsrat der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (17 July 2018)

On 16 July 2018, this year's congress of the Zukunftsrat der Bayerischen Wirtschaft on the topic of "Gesundheit und Medizin" took place. The chair presents its teaching and research activities in the field of additive manufacturing, cell-based medical engineering and the internationalization initiative MedTech OneWorld.

Further information, incl. Presentation by Fabian Jodeit


Networking Symposium on Additive Manufacturing (6 February 2018)

Additive manufacturing is a technology that brings about new business opportunities. In particular, the biomedical industry will be revolutionized by additive manufacturing as 3D printed medical devices and prosthetics are commonly used in patient care. This symposium has aimed to bring together potential partners and collaborators from Singapore and Germany. It has showcased the R&D work carried out in both countries and has explored the impact of additive manufacturing on the biomedical industry.